Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dog Facts - Did You Know?

Just collected some interesting facts about dogs. Some of these are already known by most of my readers, but a few, I bet was really not known.

  • In the Bible there are 14 mentioning of dogs
Studies have shown that:
  • A female dog bites almost as twice as a male 
  •  The number of breaths of Dogs ranges between 10 and 30 in 60 seconds
  • A puppy can have 28 milk teeth at the most 
  • A particular gene (PKP-2) is associated with canine atopic dermatitis - eczema in dogs. 
  • A team of highly talented scientists in Sweden worked on this. 
  • Mixed-breed canines have been found to exhibit behavioral traits similar to the breed that their resemblance of appearance are inclined towards
  • In the UK Kennel Club survey, 2004 the Bloodhounds were found to have a median longevity of 6.75 years. This made this beautiful canine breed one of the shortest-lived dog breeds
  • Greyhound - known to be the fastest dog breed on the Earth can run at an incredibly high speed of 45 miles per hour, though for short time span
  • Clear your confusion- Irish Wolfhound is the largest, while Great Dane is the tallest of all dog breeds. St. Bernard is the heaviest of all prevailing dog breeds. 
  • Daz - a four-year-old white GSD, who has recorded a bark of 108 decibels. Daz was honored to be the world's loudest barking dog. Owners's name - Mr. Peter Lucken.
  • Schultzs Law - this law had been enforced in the honor of the Gloucester police GSD, Schultz after his death while on duty 
  • The oldest dog in the world recorded so far was an Australian cattle-dog named "Bluey", Victoria, Australia. Bluey survived until he was 29 years and 5 months old 
  • In the Titanic massacre there were two dogs that could survive
  • In German, Dachshund means badger dog - the smallest dog used for hunting purpose. 
  • While breeding Dachshund, breeders in the past used pay attention on the body structure - long and low to the ground to fit into a badger's den. 
  • References to Bloodhounds had been discovered first in an English writing in the mid 14th century. This suggests that Bloodhounds were already an established canine breed by that time. 
  • The word 'bloodhound' has been recorded from c1350. According to the most recent documentation the etymological meaning is ‘hound of pure blood’

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