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Stop Practicing Abusive Dog Training Techniques

Abusive Dog Training Techniques, dog training methods, training dogsAbusive Dog Training are unscientific way of interacting with your dogs

This has been a long believed myth that the puppies should experience physical and mental stress or fear in order to learn something. There are tons of convincing evidences in the support of the fact that puppies usually get spoiled when they are exposed to archaic training methods. Training cannot be an excuse to animal abuse. It doesn’t take a professional dog trainer to figure out the ways a subject can be made to learn certain things by non-abusive techniques. A professional dog trainer has to be a dog lover at the very outset and then a trainer. He would not undertake any abusive dog training techniques, as he understands that they often leave the puppy out with a psychological trauma. Dog owners should be aware of so-called “professional dog trainers” operating in your locality. Dog trainers are requested to stop practicing abusive dog training methods.

This case had been reported in the Animal Behavior Consultant Newsletter… the July 1998 issue:
"An obedience instructor in a training class was demonstrating a correction with a client's nippy puppy. She stuck her fingers down the pup's throat when it nipped, causing a gag reflex. She then took the puppy between her hands and shook it. The puppy collapsed. The instructor and owner took the pup to a veterinary hospital, where it died." Physical punishments can hardly make any positive difference; it can only worsen the condition.

German Shepherd Dog Training Tips, training German Shepherd DogsI would like to share something that I recently found in a dog, whose owner has been a bit consistent in punishing her while teaching things. She is a brindle Great Dane. She is in great care, and has a good health. Only problem with her is that her owner doesn’t understand the basics of dog training and practices those age old archaic correctional methods. Consequently he is perceived by his dog as unpredictable. When the owner gets back home in the evening, I have seen her showing a bit ambivalent behavior, vacillating somewhere between joy and submissive actions. Truly speaking, the owner has spoiled the correct mental trait of the breed. She is no more an expressive and imposing specimen like she, as a Great Dane, should be, although she hails from a good bloodline.

Dog training is all about an art! Abusive dog training is crime. The director of outreach for companion animals for The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Stephanie Shain says: "Just like with human communications and psychology, there are varied philosophies, methods and approaches when it comes to communicating with your dog. It is important to define your goals and find a system that works best – and safely -- for you. Unfortunately, we know of many cases in which a private trainer's methods were abusive and the animal was injured or killed."

Abusive Dog Training Techniques, dog training methods, training dogsMisuse of choke chains in the training method should be avoided. Using it in training session is not a fault; using it in the wrong way is a crime. Even if your trainer uses it, he should not yank around your puppy no the leash. Most often I’ve seen trainers using choke chains in wrong ways and keep on saying “he’s fine... don’t worry”. If this is the case4 for your dog trainer too, trust me it’s the time to look for another professional dog trainer. Abusive dog training is not a dog training method… it’s nothing less than dog abuse. Effective dog training should be fun for dogs!


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Weekly Wag June 22, 2009 at 8:59 AM  

Thank you for suggesting to switch an ineffective or abusive dog trainer. I am a dog lover, not a dog expert and when I hired a trainer for my bulldog, I wasn't comfortable with a potentially dangerous situation he put my bulldog puppy in. He required me to sign a waiver relieving him of all liability just in case anything happened while he wore a prong collar home alone in his crate. He was fired.

radio fence March 4, 2011 at 11:06 AM  

You see, a lot of novices think you can just put on the electric collar and start working the dog… NOT EVALUATING THE DOG, NOT BEING EDUCATED IN BEHAVIORAL THEORY, AND NOT KNOWING WHAT THE HECK THEY ARE DOING. That is why I never have a customer get an electric collar until they are well into the training. Novice trainers will train with their emotions, not with logic. They will use a collar to try and punish the dog or force the dog to do things that the dog isn’t ready for. They don’t know how to train a dog with traditional methods. They don’t know when to make the transition to using the electric collar. And they don’t take the time to do it right. For novices, they’d be better off just training with treats, if they aren’t going to do it right and humanely.

animalcare May 31, 2011 at 1:24 PM  

very innovative suggestions for dog training. I found this very helpful.

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