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Amazing Discovery to Eliminate Cynophobia - Fear of Dogs

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Well, I have seen very little - too little section of the population, suffering from cynophobia. Yes, its true that almost each fine morning I come across at least one person who fears dogs. But I can't call them Cynophobic. The basic difference between the normal fear of dogs and cynophobia is that a cynophobic person tries to do his best to steer clear of a passing dog, even to an extent that he may loath to get out of his apartment or car if he finds Mr. Wilson strolling with his cute little pug!

Cynophobia is the clinical name for an irrational and abnormal fear of dogs - irrespective of breed, gender and size. I have seen a couple of people who have an irrational and unsual fear of dogs - be it a mongrel, or a spitz or a giant size mastiff! I talked to them and tried to find out the root of their fear for such extraordinarily lovable creatures of the planet. Both of them told me their stories - rather facts about their traumatic experiences of dog attacks, back in the times when they were both little heroes. Researchers have the similar explanations: According to them the cause of Cynophobia is a traumatic experience of being chased or bitten severely by a dog when being a kid. Moreover, the occasional media coverages of dog attacks and killer dogs act as the contributing factors for developing this mental condition. People are usually susciptable to cynophobia during early ages. According to many pediatric psychologists children should be gradually exposed to dogs to prevent the development of cynophobia.

An Amazing Discovery of Eleminating Cynophobia

Some years ago an amazing technique of eleminating cynophobia was dicovered by an expert psychologist, who specialized in phobias. The cure rate before this discovery wasn't more than only 5%, while after his new technique was discovered the success rate straightly soared as high as about 85% or so and that too in not more than 1 or 2 sessions! Rarely he would have to sit for 5 or 6 sessions to treat a cynophobic patient. We dog lovers are grateful to Jan Heering - the discoverer of the amazing technique of eleminating cynophobia that involves no painful therapies, no medicines and no gambling with mental health!

Jan Heering is the Founder and President of Amsterdam’s Morpheus Institute. Plus he is a phobia treatment expert + mental coach + psychological trainer + author + a living guarantee card for cure of cynophobia. Yes, that's what he is. And he is, thus, so beloved to the dog lovers worldwide. As his key statement, Jan says, "self-help NLP techniques help you to change your “metal constructs” and prevent you from behaving irrationally. After your state of mind is reprogrammed your condition of fear of dogs is gone". According to him, "The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system". He considered this "energy system" as the root, and he remained focused on the root... not on the factors or branches like patients' beliefs, habbits, thoughts and the way they think of dogs.

The concept of "Energy Psychology" came into being. Energy Psychology (EP) in a broad sense is a kind of psychological treatments that utilize the human energy system that offers a potent solution to mental disorder like cynophobia.

Is Jan Heering 100% successful?

Nah. The success rate is only 85%, which means Jan's technique couldn't help 15% of the cynophobic population. The reason is some people are affraid to get rid of Cynophobia, thinking that they might be attacked by dogs if they give up "fear of dogs" and come close to them. Cynophobia responds greatly to Energy Psychology, which states: "self help is the best solution".

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Franx October 29, 2008 at 2:52 PM  

Wonderful post..We should take care of our dog

Dog Lover

Indrani October 30, 2008 at 8:11 AM  

Informative write up!
You have a wonderful blog and that too based on just dogs. Mighty impressive. :)

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