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Top 6 Dog Myths - Clarified

Myth 1: A dog shouldn't be allowed to get up on a higher place like bed or couch, or he will start considering himself an Alpha Member 

Fact: Tendencies of establishing Alpha Membership is genetically ingrained in dogs and doesn't have any link with allowing him get on to your bed or higher places. All he want in his life is food, water, play and companionship of his beloved owners and pack members. If your dog succeeds in establishing Alpha in your family, it should be considered as your failure.

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Remember, if your dog is already habituated with getting up on the couch to sleep and if he is exhibiting agression while you try to put him down doesn't always mean you have lost your position in the pack. It means he is not properly trained to obey command. He probably needs extensive remedial training session.

Myth 2: Old dogs cannot be trained well 

Fact: The popular belief that old dogs cannot learn new things is not true. If he can't learn new tricks its your failure again :). Can I give you a simple tips here?

Remember, your dog will always try to please you, if you have developed a good bonding with him. This is his natural instinct. So, the trick is to let him know what actually pleases you or what you want from him. Things become easier as bonding grows stronger. Fact is your dog can learn new trick till his last day, as long as he is mentally and physically sound enough.

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Myth 3: A dog that attacks strangers or show signs of shyness was abused in the past

Fact: This is just a possibility; May not be true always. Amongst many other reasons, the commonest one is not socializing a dog properly. 'Effective Socialization' should be a mandate in the bringing up process. Puppies that are not socialized with strangers, sounds, situations and mobs may grow shy, and may cower from strangers. Cowering may, in turn, develop attacking tendencies when they are approached by strangers.

Myth 4: Reward based training methods is equivalent to bribing a dog, who won't behave as desired when they won't get that reward 

Fact: Reward based training is the most scientific and non-abusive dog training method that has earned a global acceptance. Rewarding is motivating the dog to behave the way you want. This means that a reward doesn't have to be his favorite treat. Praising him lavishly may be one of the most effective reward you can give your dog while training him. Praises and Love will let him know what he should do to please his master. However, there's nothing wrong giving your a treat as reward. A technically trained dog trainer and behaviorist knows best how to phase out the treat once the dog has learned the trick.

Myth 5: A dog chewing because he loves chewing and that is his best time pass

Fact: Most adult dog chew things when they are frustrated. Chewing in adult dog is frustration elicited behavior, which may grow destructive with times. Dogs - especially working breeds that are given very less exercise or no exercise at all will instinctively find work for themselves. Working breeds are usually highly energetic dogs and it is a mandate to drain out their energy. A tired dog is a content dog.

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Myth 6: It is necessary to keep your dogs only on meat

Facts: Much like us - humans, dogs are omnivorous animals. A dog food is not considered complete if there's no green in it. Give him green - only those that are permissible. Not all vegetables that are good for us are good for our dogs too. Dogs can remain healthy even when they are kept on full non-meat diet. However, regular meat is good for growing puppies and dogs with specific conditions or those that are recovering from illness.

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