Sunday, April 27, 2014

Helping Animal While Achieving a Dream

Helping animal while achieving a dream With the rise in popularity of crowdfunding its no surprise that many entrepreneurs have turned to them.  For many, they promise some sort of reward, or perk, in return for your contribution.  My friend Frank Valentine aims to do things a little different.  With support from an Indiegogo campaign he plans to open a doggy daycare/boarding facility in his area but wants to help the many homeless animals around the country at the same time.  To do this he is offering to donate back all the contributions he receives from this campaign to various shelters and rescues of the contributors choice.  His campaign lets individuals not only support a good cause but allows their contributions to both help an out of the box entrepreneur and animals in need at the same time. 

Things were never easy for Frank to come up with an organization like this. But his passion and love for animals have always been his inspiration. Frank always had a dog... Lucky - a mixed breed was his first dog - his best companion for the first 14 years of his life. After Lucky ended his journey, the vacuum corner of his heart was conquered by Brandy, giving his life a subtle beautiful twist.

If you have a noble intention, you can do it too.
WelcomeDogLovers team congratulates Frank for his noble work.


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