Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dog Skin Conditions - Holistic Treatment for Dog Itchy Skin

Just a year ago my friend called me up one night. He was worried about his beautiful female German Shepherd Dog - "Adara", who has been suffering from itchy skin for quite some time. She was taken to the vet many times before and had been diagnosed with dry itchy skin, which was the reason for the condition. She kept well as long as she was under medication and every time the medical course got over the condition kept showing up again.

This post is about how we fought the dry itchy skin and what we did to prevent our dog from getting afflicted to the condition. These were just the parallel treatment (rather holistic treatment for dog itchy skin) that had been carried out along side the vets medical recommendations.

Frequent Bathing: We stopped bathing her for three consecutive months. Even after that we consciously avoided bathing her too frequently. Dogs with dry skin usually lack in the production of natural protective oil, and washing him too often even with high quality moisturizing shampoos can wash off this essential oil.

Regular Brushing: We continued with regular brushing (almost every alternative day), which helped in removing the dry skin flakes and dead follicles. Moreover gently rubbing Adara's skin with her brush stimulated her oil production glands.

Oatmeal Application: Applying cooked and cool oatmeal on the affected areas of the dogs skin is a great option to sooth his dry itchy skin lesions. For Adara we applied the cooked oatmeal on the affected area and leave for half an hour and then wash it with clean water. We used to apply this twice daily.

Aloe Vera Wash: Don't frown on this point please! Its quite easy to get Aloe Vera around us. We get a couple of leaves every day. The leaves were crushed and then boiled in clean water to extract the juice. We used to apply the juice with a cotton over the affected regions.

Feeding Aloe Vera Gel: The raw gel extracted from the leaves were fed to Adara in empty stomach every day, knowing that Aloe Vera has no reported side effects and is enriched with a wide spectrum of most essential vitamins including A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E. Disease should be treated internally alongside applying gels and solutions externally.

Epsom Salt Wash: Once each day we used to apply concentrated Epsom salt solution (One Glass of Water + Half Tea Cup of Epsom Salt properly stirred) with a cotton on the affected areas.

Feeding: We put special emphasize on food type. We used to give Adara less red meat, because it could generate heat within her and we were not bathing her. We make sure to put a spoon full of edible olive oil while cooking food for her.

We admit that we are not vets, but good news is that Adara is doing great! She is free from all skin conditions for last five months. If you are worrying about your dog's dry skin, you can follow this holistic treatment for dog itchy skin

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