Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dog Communication - Series 1

Hello friends...
Today I am going to start off with a series on communication with dogs. Dog Communication explained by Di van my friend. Di van has gathered a great deal of experience in the very unique discipline of animal communication. She will be contributing a series of both interesting and informative notes on how to communicate with dogs. Here's what Di van has to say about how to communicate with dogs and other animals. Read on....

"Welcome to the first in a series of tips on Animal Communication. My name is Di van, I live in South Africa and I am an Animal Communicator.

Whether or not you believe in animal communication you still have to wonder at how when you are sitting on the sofa and you think “I must take Brutus for a walk”, Brutus runs off and stands at the door.

Animals communicate non verbally to each other so it stands to reason they tap into each other’s thoughts. Brutus not only gets what you are saying out loud, he is also reading your mind. Picture this - you want Brutus to sit, you give the command but at the same time you are thinking of how thirsty you are and you must make yourself a cup of tea. He gets “sit I’m thirsty I must make myself some tea” and you wonder why he does not sit !! Brutus is confused and thinking what is it this
person wants me to do, sit or go into the kitchen with them whilst they make the tea ?

When you feel down your dog creeps up next to you and puts his head on your lap. We often say they ‘sense’ when you are unhappy. They know you are unhappy as they read your mind and listen in on your conversations. Some dogs want to comfort you whilst others are thinking “get over it”. Each one is different and reacts in their own unique way. Believe me when I say sometimes you really do not want to know what they are thinking !

It is not easy to declutter our minds but if you can remember your dog hears all, it might just explain why sometimes he or she reacts the way they do.

Till the next time."

Should you have any queries, you can contact directly with Di van. She is really busy with her professional career and may turn up late. Email:
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