Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas Safety Tips For Dogs

Hello friends... Christmas is right around the corner and you are almost ready with your full set of Christmas decors. While the festive is expected to bring in a lot of joy for all throughout the world, it can be a really scary time for those who have pets - especially if your dog or cat are overly energetic. Here are a few words that, I thought, would be useful for you.

First off... many dogs and cats have habits of eating plant. While this habit can be really dangerous for your pet at any time of the year - especially if you have plants like Alocasia, Apricot, Holly, Mistletoe, Poinsettia etc. And all these holiday plants have been in the list of favorites of many people. However, there is no prove about the toxicity of these plants, but then these are not edible as well. Giving our pets a safe and happy Christmas has always been our motive.

Keeping your dog enclosed in a separate room is not the solution and is not recommended! It is rather important to teach him to stay away from certain things or to release things whenever asked. Let him know that not all things are his toys and he should play with his toys and his toys only. Positive reinforcement is the only effective way to train him. Whenever your dog releases a Christmas decor or avoid getting nearer to the Christmas tree, he should be rewarded instantly with his favorite treat and lavish praises.

A scientific way to keep your dog cool is not showing your own excitement in front of your him. It is suggested not playing with Christmas decors like spangles and tinsels while your dog is present. Your excitement will make your dog excited. It is hence important to decorate your room in absence of your dog. Playing with your dog in the decorated space is a big NO! Also ask your children not to show excitement.
Keep your dog away from electrical wiring. Especially if your have a puppy and if he is teething you need to be extra cautious because he will have a tendency to chew anything that comes across his way. Arrange the wires at height.

Do not leave things like pins, knife, blades, needles etc. lying on the floor.
Do not leave your dog unsupervised in a decorated space.

Most important things - The dog way
If your dog is overly energetic, it means hat your dog is not getting enough exercise. In order to mentally stimulate an overly energetic dog the best thing you should do is to go walk him more than usual. Letting him play and run off-leash is the best way to exhaust his extra energy. A content dog is a happy dog.

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