Saturday, April 14, 2012

Conditioning Your Dog To Grooming Sessions

If you are a pet lover and have minimum idea of how to take care of your dog, you probably know that grooming tops the list of dog care tips. If u have a dog and if it is well groomed then it represents your excellence of having a pet. Everyday care keeps your dog in good health, with healthy habits that gives a significant sign of elegance. Grooming is as significant for your dog as it is for your kids, which is why dog owners are expected to consider grooming their dogs for reason just beyond beautification.

It is necessary to maintain to a regular routine for grooming your dog, that should include brushing his teeth, bathing him, shaping his nails, cleaning wax in his ears, and brushing his coat to remove dead follicles and undo mattes and tangles.

It is not worthy enough to talk about the importance of grooming here, because it is expected that you already know why dog grooming is so important. We already know that dogs used to serve as companions of kings and queens in their castles as far back as over 4000 B.C. Documentations have proved that those royal people used to keep their 4-legged companions clean and well groomed. Further documentations have been discovered that establishes the fact that in France sometimes around 17th century a female Poodle was crowned with the honor of being official dog of Louis XV's court. She had been awarded the title "French Poodle" and used to be adorned by trimming coat, and clipping the coat with continental and English saddle clips, which still most poodle owners use even today. This proves that importance of grooming had been understood long back.

The question is what is expected from your dog while grooming? Is he expected to stay quite and still when the groomer – a stranger to him approaches with instruments and apparatus making weird sounds? If he is expected to do that, there’s nothing wrong in it. But does he behave according to what he is expected to behave like? Nopes! Problem is he is not seasoned to such situation where he is expected to quite even when he is approached with sharp instruments. He should be made to believe that there is not threat from the instruments or from the groomer. This is another kind of dog socialization that most dog owners overlook. Socializing your dog with different situations includes not only smells, sounds, strangers, rushing cars, other animals, but also to situations like grooming, which is most important. This can only be done successfully if he is trained since his puppy hood to control his cool during situations like when he is given vaccine shots and grooming.

There’s nothing like putting your dog to the serious obedience training session, and carrying out constant and consistent obedience training. This is again another grooming – that can be considered as behavioral grooming that teaches the dog how to behave what is expected.

What if you are thinking of grooming your dog by yourself? There’s nothing wrong in it… probably the best thing you can do with your dog is DIY grooming. This will actually keeps your dog at least less worried than dropping by a professional groomer with him. Trick is to keep cool yourself and make him believe that grooming is basically a fun session. Maintaining a light mood and easy-going attitude is preferred most. Creating a serious environment is going to make mess of things on the spot, because it will only aggravate your dog’s anxiety and increase his stress level, thereby degrading his threshold limit (ability to tolerate situations that he doesn’t like).

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