Wednesday, April 25, 2012

807 War Dogs euthanized By British Government After Their Retirement

Another greatest example of animal cruelty: 807 war dogs were rewarded with life's last pricks of vet's needle in the UK. 

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This has been one of the century's worst example of animal cruelty after the Mass Killing of Dolphins in Denmark   a review of which had been published titled "Outraged at animal cruelty" in The sun in the year 2005.

World's dog lovers community cannot help mourning for the loss of some precious, innocent lives- the war dogs that accompanied the British soldiers on the front line. The British government have been engaged in this insanely barbaric practice of euthanizing dogs after their retirement since 2002, and it was kept a top secret until some government officials disclosed the fact in response to Freedom of Information requested by the Daily Mirror.

According to a report laid by the the Ministry of Defense, the government had euthanized:

1) 20 war dogs in 2002
2) 89 dogs in 2003 (during the start of Second Gulf War)
3) 95 dogs in 2006
4) 125 in the year 2009.

The gruesome practice of premature euthanizing of healthy dog had been recorded with a reason that those could not be re-homed because of behavioral problems. According to the officials the dogs had become so fearful that they are considered to be unfit for retraining and re-homing. Sarcastic excuse! Tragic practice! Unforgivable act!

The poor dogs were lucky to have their journey stopped, rather than living with their ungrateful and insane masters. Over aggression in dogs is a behavioral problem that are environmentally engineered in their traits and characters by their handlers and masters. It's not the the dog's fault, rather the masters' fault.

Thumbs up to  The Dog Trust (British Animal Welfare Organization) to be the first organization of its kind to issue a statement against the inhuman act of ‘premature euthanasia’ of working dogs after their retirement.

It is a keen request to the British Government to reconsider  the practice of premature euthanization of the war dogs after their retirement. 

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