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How to Photograph a Puppy

Taking a good photograph of your puppy is not so easy and make a gallery of photos of your puppies is also more challenging. Since the earlier age puppies are adorable and a good subject of photography also and today the popularity of dog around the world indicates that our canine pals are also worthy of our best photographic efforts in it’s various moods either sleeping, racing in the lawn, guarding our homes, waiting by the door until we reach homes are simply challenging to capture their playful character in frames.

There are few people who don’t love an adorable photograph of puppy

Weather, your puppy is trained or not if you want to capture its activities in the lens, and that's not quite easy - especially if he is too young to be trained. You have to do it quite naturally so that you can set up the frame in the right place and right time with the planning. Here are some tips to get great shots of your puppy.


1. Take him in a comfortable way so that your puppy can be framed in a natural way. Giving him or her level of comfort just because of allowing you to take a photograph of him or her.

2. Provide him with his best toys to make him feel at ease, in order to get a good shot over it toys will distract puppy to come and play with you and by doing this things you can capture its activities in frames.

3. By composing your shot with the help of toy you get the opportunity to compose your shot more effectively with a naturalistic way with all its beauty. You can set a background where with the toy and adjusting your camera focus and shutter speed you take a good volume of effective photographs of your sweet puppy.

4. If you want to take your puppy’s casual and naturalistic photograph it is good to take the photographs in the natural light, avoiding flash light. The sudden bright light will frighten your puppy and your resulting photographs could be a mess and you also make the terror in your puppy in facing the camera in future. It is preferable to take the photographs in the early morning or in the late afternoon. For photography late afternoon is more favorable just because they have slept most of the day and in the afternoon their only motto is to play.

5. Time of the day when you want to take the photograph is important because it captures different nature in different time may be sleeping mood or joyful happiness of playing.

6. When you take the shot of your puppy you should focus on its eyes for that cute expression of your puppy which lies on its expressive eyes. Focusing on the eyes will give you the adorable and sweet cute look of the puppy.

7. By tricks getting their attention make your shots and frames more attractive. The tricks may be helpful to you and you also take your attention in the things like, angle of shot, fill the frame and fix your mistakes.

So, by this few tips you can get great shots of your puppy hope these tips are useful for you to embark in taking great photographs of your puppy as it grows up as a part of your life.

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