Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Animal Communication - Series 4

Welcome to the part 4 in a series of tips on Animal Communication. My name is Di van, I live in South Africa and I am an Animal Communicator.

In this part we deal with lack of communication by the minders (that’s you). When I chat to domestic animals they nearly always complain about their minders not telling them when they are going to the vet, going to the kennels and so on.

As your pets are part of the family they also want to be told what is happening in the household. When a family member moves out your animal does not understand why they left and it affects them. When any pet dies if there are others left behind they grieve and need your love and understanding. When you are planning a holiday your animals will listen in and will wonder what will be happening to them. Try to remember to take the time to tell them if they will be going to the kennels or if someone will be looking after them.

Before taking a car trip with your animal, long or short, remember to explain where you are going and what will happen on the other side. A well informed animal is not an anxious and should be more relaxed.

Till the next time. Check out my series at Dog Communication

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