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Puppy Care Tips for Dog lovers

Looking for puppy care tips? Raising a puppy is an art. Strengthening your bondage with your puppy can be a solution to most wrinkled situations.Loving him, keeping him abreast and making him feel familiar & cozy is the starting point!

First off, congratulations for the new addition to your family. Doesn't really matter what your breed is. Whether Mixed Breed Dogs or a pure breed, there are just a few rules of thumb for puppy care. Responsibility towards a puppy is immense and that starts from prior to bringing in the puppy. If you have not yet brought your dream pup, and if you are on the planning phase, make sure that you make all the arrangements to keep your puppy healthy. Treating his room to make it germ-free is a must. Make sure you wash the his room a few time with disinfectant solutions before bringing him is of utmost importance. Keeping yourself well equipped with adequate information on puppy care is another very important thing. Puppy care is a huge episode that includes everything - starting from bringing him home safely to helping me know you and your place, training him, feeding him good and a lot more! This post is targeted to provide with essential puppy care tips that goes here...

First puppy care tips after bringing him home, is to make sure that your training process should start from day #1. Yes, helping him know his potty place, helping him know his feeding time, and helping him know his pack members (your family) all comes under the training session, which must be a pleasant experience for both you and your puppy.

Second most important tips for effective puppy care is to help him grow with fun and love. Play with him; give him small tidbits for doing desirable things, and you will be able to strengthen your bonding with him, as well as training him to know what's desirable! "Positive reinforcement" is one of the most effective tool to teach your pup desirable things. Although it's not too early to start training him for good behavior at the age of 2 months, but its to be kept in the forefront of your mind that abusive dog training should be avoided throughout his life! Training can be made effective if its a fun session. Just be patient; by making haste in training your pup will not be of any help for you and your puppy.

Thirdly, the diet has a very important role to play. Apart from pure love, fresh water and right medication, he needs completely balanced diet. He should be kept on special nutrition with right quantity of vitamins, fats, protein and minerals.

Fourth most important puppy care tip is to put emphasize on his exercise. Correct type and right volume of exercise is of prime importance on a regular basis. Over exercise is as harmful as not letting him play. Let him play on the grass as much as he can bear. As long as his tongue gets hanged out he should be allowed to run around off-leash. It is unwise not to stop him running and playing around even after his tongue's carried out. Over exhaustion may prove to be detrimental for his growth.

Fifth very important thing is sleep. Sleep is a very important component in the entire puppy care session. Your puppy with sleep longer than  any adult dog. A deep sleep after a good meal will have a very positive affect on his health. 

Sixth is vaccination! No one can deny the importance of annual vaccination. Your puppy should be fully vaccinated against all viral and infectious diseases. Your vet is the most important source of information on puppy vaccination. Vaccination largely depends on what part of the world you live in, though there are some common disease that your puppy should be immunized against. These are however, Distemper, Canine Adenovirus, Parvo, Rabies, Kennel Cough, Coronavirus and Canine hepatitis. You vet is the best person to guide you on more vaccination if needed. I have come across people several times who against vaccination, because they believe vaccines have side-effects.  The fact is... puppy vaccines are generally very safe for dogs, irrespective of breed, until the vaccines have not crossed the expiry dates and your puppy is healthy at the time you are vaccinating. Very mild reactions like fever, loss of appetite, dizziness etc. may be noticed, which usually gets resolved within 24 - 48 hours without any major treatment.        

Seventh... "socialization". When it comes to puppy care, you have to be very serious about socializing your puppy. Socializing a puppy means helping him mingle to the external world that is composed of various weirdness and strange things like sound, smell, people, other animals, incidences and different textures of situations!  Take him out and get him exposed to different incidences like a flying bird, dropping leaves, screeching car breaks, blowing horns, barking dogs, approaching strangers, playing kids etc.  BUT, taking him out is always recommended after the first course of vaccinations are over.

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