Monday, November 14, 2011

Flu shot to present Rusty a better Christmas

The vets advice dog owners to give flu vaccines for their dogs after the outbreak H3N8 virus that is responsible for a type of canine influenza accompanied with sever respiratory distress. With Christmas approaching fast, you are sure to get busy with buying Christmas gifts for your beloveds, and your best friend – your dog! Have you ever spared a thought what would your Christmas be if your dog gets afflicted to H3N8 – the dangerous virus? Just a flu shot! And you can rest assured that Rusty is going to have much safer Christmas. Especially if you are in the New York area you must see your vet right today and give your dog the flu shot, because a few cases have already been reported in the New York City, northern New Jersey and the lower Hudson Valley, according to the information from Cornell University Veterinary School. Don’t give it an after-thought even if you are not in staying anywhere in and around these areas.

Canine influenza is highly contagious, and the dog becomes severely ill with respiratory infection caused by novel influenza virus. This virus was first discovered in the year 2004. The vets usually do not use the term “dog flu” in general, since it will be confusing, as it will refer to any type of influenza that attacks dogs for various reasons. But this particular type of influenza in dogs is a specific flu caused by a particular subtype, H3N8, of the influenza A virus.

Don’t board your dogs over the Christmas holidays
Let this Christmas be safe and enjoyable for both you and your dogs. It is advisable not to board your dogs in the kennels. Firstly because, Christmas is not only for you, but also for all the members of your family. And Secondly because, by boarding your dog over the holiday period, you will aggravate the chance of your dog being afflicted to H3N8 virus. This flu is extremely contagious and can spread if you keep your dogs confined I crèches or kennels. You never know which dog in the kennel has this virus in still dormant form.

The symptoms of this H3N8 canine flu are cough, runny nose and fever. Sometimes these symptoms are exhibited in severity. According to an explanation from the experts of Nobivac, “CIV is a relatively new cause of disease in dogs and nearly all dogs who are naïve to the virus are susceptible to infection. About 80 percent of dogs will have a mild form of disease. About 20 percent of infected dogs will show no clinical signs, while 10 – 20 percent of infected dogs may progress to a more severe form of the disease. Severe illness is characterized by the onset of pneumonia. The number of dogs infected with this disease that die is up to eight percent.”

H3N8 Vaccines
Here are a few informative points for the H3N8 vaccine:

a) H3N8 vaccine includes a pair of shots given a few weeks apart
b) Each shot will cost around $50.
c) It is essential to give both the shots because, your dog will not be 100% protected until both shots are given.
d) H3N8 vaccine is just a preventive measure and should not be considered as treatment. Once your dog is afflicted to flu this vaccine will not work as a measure for the recovery.

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