Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can Dogs Perceive Time? - Part 2

While explaining how dogs perceive time or if dogs can perceive time at all, dog behaviorists have concluded that its actually the dogs' "internal clock" (stimulus that is triggered by biological situations)  that allows them to get an idea about when their special treat is going to hit their feeding bowl! Here are the few facts about dogs that dog lovers may find quite useful.

1) Dogs use their instinct to know when their owner usually arrives each day, or what time they are going to get their meal. This doesn't mean that dogs can perceive time the same way humans do.

2) Humans can remember events that had happened during the past and can plan for events in the future. For instance you can remember what you did in the last Christmas and can plan your forth coming Christmas in the way you desire. Your dog doesn't have this ability.

3) Dogs cannot understand the passage of time, instead they rely on their "internal biological indicators to remember what time regular, daily events happen."

Check out... can animals comprehend and plan for the future?

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