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Volpino Italiano – The Glory Of Italy

The Volpino Italiano is one of the most rare breeds of dogs in the world. This breed is so similar to the white Spitz that the general flock usually makes mistake and gets confused when they come to know that this is a distinctive breed altogether and has got no connection with the Spitz that are commonly found all around.

This Spitz-type breed actually descends from Italy and has always been admired by the Italian royalties for centuries. But during the present era, the breed of Volpino Italiano is on the verge of extinction. Only a meager number of 50 to 60 originally well-bred volpinos exist in America. This fabulous breed of dog is known by many names such as “Florentine Spitz”, “Italian Volpino”, “Italian Spitz” and “Cane de Quirinale”.


Delving deep into the issue of the breed of volpino italiano, the history spans back to a date about 4000 to 5000 BC. The anthropologists said that the specimen that has been preserved in the European peats bogs is as old as 4000 BC. Fossil of the dogs exactly similar to the volpino italiano is almost 5000 years old. Spanning back to about 400 BC, the evidences of the existence of the Volpino Italiano has been found in Greece.

The breed of the volpino italiano has a strong resemblance with what we called the Pomeranians, but as a matter of fact this is totally a different breed and the history of the breed has got no link with that of the Pomeranians. The Volpino Italiano is basically much older than the Pomeranians and naturally has got a distinctive background.

According the canine experts and the researchers, the Volpino Italiano is one of the descendants of the European Spitz of which the skeleton fossils have been unearthed around the foundation piles of the lake dwellings. The European spitz had been in existence in the central Europe since the Bronze Age. This is why the volpinos are very like the German Spitz, which are not the ancestors of the breed but has a relation between them. Breed in Italy since the time immemorial, the volpino italianos had been the symbol of the place. In Italy the volpinos had always been highly appreciated and admired due to its innate power of vigilance and unswerving guarding instincts. The famous artiste Michelangelo of the 18th century had a well-bred volpino, which used to be the most loyal companion of his enigmatic master.

In the titalian dialect “lupo” is a word that is used to mean wolf. “Keeshond” is Italian dialect is termed to be “Volpino” and “Lupino”. Hence, this indicates that the word “Volpino” might be an old fashioned word that has been used to mean the “wolf Spitz” or “wolf dogs” or “small fox”.

The volpino italiano was the dogs of the elite class of the ancient Italian society. The brave and cute little dogs were so smart that they easily found their way into the lordly palaces of the ancient Italy. But for no explainable reasons the population of these cute members of the canine family suddenly and steadily went on the constant wane until it came to the verge of extinction. In America the volpinos had to come an end because of the unplanned breed and crossing them with the Eskimo dogs and Pomeranians. They continued this act until there were no pure breed Volpinos left.

In year 1965, the last five dogs were registered in the breed book and until the year 1984, the breed remained out of appearance. It was in the year 1984, when the ENCI had taken initiatives to launch a serious recovery project for the Volpino Italiano dogs.

General Appearance
The Volpino Italiano is a spitz-like breed and is very much like the German Spitz in look, although they have the distinctive ancestral background. With the maximum height between 11 to 12 inches at the wither these dogs stands exactly like the spitz and the Pomeranians. The colors of the Italian Volpinos are either unicolor – solid white or red or black, although the red and the black Volpinos are seldom found. The Volpinos have got a glorious and glassy coat that tends to be long and straight. The overall compact structure, with the long stand-off coat gives the cute look.

The pyramid shaped head, the round eyes denoting vigilance and vivaciousness, the short erect triangular shaped ears and the neck smartly carried upright gives a wondrous expression of intelligence blended with unparalleled beauty and unimaginative alertness.

Health Issue
The well-bred and properly maintained Volpino Italiano are usually blessed with good health and sound immune system. As a matter of fact the Volpinos have always been able to get accustomed with the constant changes in the environmental conditions of the world and this is the major reason that the breed is the oldest breed and is still in existence. Keeping the ears and the teeth clean is must as in the case of any other breed in the world. The volpinos are really one of the most sturdy breeds.


Like all the other small breed the Volpinos are quite playful by nature. They are highly energetic and love to run outdoor. They are very fast and can run at a tremendously high pace. They are wondrous guard dogs and have got the tremendous power of vigilance and normally they are quite friendly. Socializing from puppy stage is what is essentially necessary in order to restore and maintain their friendly temperament.

Official Recognition

The Federation of Cynologique Internationale (FCI) has placed the breed in the Group 5, Section 4 # 195. Very recently in the year 2006, July 1, the United Kennel Club (UKC) has recognized the volpino italiano as a separate breed with the standard similar to that of the Federation of Cynologique Internationale (FCI). In the same year during the summer the Foundation Stock Service (FSS) Program of the American Kennel Club (AKC) has declined the registration of the volpinos as these dogs are very much similar to the American Eskimo Dogs.

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Anonymous,  October 9, 2011 at 9:04 PM  

We have a black Volpino Italiano (which is either rare or a mix with a pom as I am reading and researching). We rescued her from a neglectant home. At the time we thought she was either a pom or a schipperke or a mix of the two until we were looking in a dog encyclopedia one day and found the Volpino Italiano. She fits all the descriptions to the best of our knowledge. We were just wondering if anyone who reads this blog knew of any breeders or rescues with black or even the other rare colors of Volpinos. We really love our Foxy and would love to get another one. She is such a great dog. We are not interested in "Show Quality" or anything fancy. Just another little companion. When we took her in 9 years ago we had no idea how rare she was! Thank you for any help, our email is

Anonymous,  August 3, 2014 at 7:05 AM  

My name is Kadi Sanders & i own Volpino Italiano within the UK & am involved in the current breeding program in place in the UK. for more information regarding this breed please contact me at alternatively please send us a request on our Facebook page, Traditional Volpino Italiano.

Anonymous,  August 3, 2014 at 7:05 AM  

My name is Kadi Sanders & i own Volpino Italiano within the UK & am involved in the current breeding program in place in the UK. for more information regarding this breed please contact me at alternatively please send us a request on our Facebook page, Traditional Volpino Italiano.

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