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See The World Through The Eyes of a Dog - Dog Training Tips

through dogs eyes

Here's what I think a successful dog trainer should posses.

See this world through the eyes of a dog. Yes... unless you can do this, fact remains you are an incomplete trainer. Dog training is an art and science both! Lets call it an artistic science or a scientific art (whatever way you look at it) that involves a lot to study on dog psychology. If you have chosen this profession, because you need to make good money, but if you do not have an urge to study dogs, you are in a wrong track. You will never be able to shine as a dog trainer unless you know what you need to understand as a dog trainer. All you need to be a good dog trainer is to have a capability to watch the world through the eyes of a dog. Do you know what your dog thinks of you? Do you know why at all your dog would like to be taught new tricks? Once you are capable of detaching yourself from the way we think, you can help yourself to come more close to your dog.

Well, for instance, Nick - your friend knows you as a good dog trainer. People around you may know you as a dog training guy. But Rover - your dog considers you as a member of his pack. Most dog trainers, I have come across till date, seems to have very limited know-how on building strategic drives to train dogs. All dogs are not same... all breeds are not same... all bloodlines are not same. Naturally a good trainer should tailor his or her dog training strategies according to the need to suit well to the type of your subject. You are needed to effectively communicating with a dog. Most so-called trainers - especially the novice ones - end up with launching war on their dogs, without sparing a bit of thought on what do they think and how do they think actually. As a matter of fact, the idea that dogs cannot think and they can react to only external stimuli as per the genetics drives, is wrong. Rest assured, they can think. Like you and me, our dogs have mental imagery, and these are positive images. Your puppy would always want to see you as his most loved company - pack mate.

To a successful trainer identifying their dogs' way of thinking is of prime importance.Language doesn't really matter to them... they cannot think in Japanese or Chinese or Russian or English. They are smart enough to learn sounds more quickly and have the capability to associate sounds in their mind with an event. Dogs are clear in their mind and usually hate to be dominated. They love you to the fullest and would always want to make you happy. Use this instinct to train them new tricks.

It is really shocking to see owners saying that the pup was behaving good the entire day after he was punished hard. Can you equate this with your child being punished badly at the school, after which he never forgets to take his notepad? This is a wrong approach that simple breeds traumatic experiences in their mind, and I cannot call this to be a professional dog training style.

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