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Dog Jumping - How to Stop

Stop Dog Jumping

Teach your dog not to jump - both you and your dog will be the happiest friends ever!

Here’s how to make your dog understand that you do not prefer jumping! If you have already tried out many times to stop “Rex” from jumping, by shouting at him, pushing him and running away from him, and still have not succeeded, I have another tips for you!

Yes… this post is all about how to stop Rex from jumping when you get back home from your work place. Don’t worry I will never write on abusive ways of treating your dog – your most beloved family member. I am really dead against the abusive training procedures. My tips on training dogs not to jump do not involve anything punitive, nor do you need yell at your loved one.

But before I step on to talk about how to stop your dog jump on you, I would like to talk a bit about why actually dogs jump

So why do dogs jump?

Dogs jump up on you in the rage of excitement to show their high enthusiasm. and express their joy. Usually your dog jumps when you get back home after being at work all the day long. This is an instance that I have come across quite frequently. But there are other reasons too that are not seen so frequently, which I think are more serious reasons. One of those seldom found reasons is that when your dog is jumping to show his or her their dominance over you and your family member. If this is a case for you then you are at risk... never ever try to push him away.

If your dog has a tendency to show his dominance, he or she will probably jump on you on wide range of circumstances - and not just when s/he is excited or happy. I would suggest you to bring in a subtle twist in the relationship with your dog. No... I am not asking you to love him/her less. All you need is to prove your dominion over your dog. Try to be an “alpha member” of the pack. Learn how can you be an alfa member of your pack. This is my GSD blog!

Just follow a few simple steps to stop your dog from jumping…

I won’t suggest you to move backwards. Moving backwards means your dog will also move towards you, instead of stopping to jump. Hence, I would choose to see it as encouraging the dog to jump continuously. I would move forward – close to the chest of the dog, so that he/she doesn’t really need to jump further. Hold his hands and put him down instantly saying “NO” firmly and seriously. When your dog is on all four on the ground, cool him down and he should get a very brief and gentle praise (not too much) for his good behavior. No extra reward should be extended towards him now. Just the brief praise is good enough to make him feel that you are quite serious and absolutely disliking his jumping behavior.

My next step is to ignore him. Ignore him completely. Well, now let me give this a name. Let’s call it “Zero-Communication Rule”. Yes… you guessed it right. No communication at all... no more touch, no talk, no looking at him, no treat, nothing for a few minutes. Keep yourself a bit serious and spare absolutely no further attention to him. Let him cool down. Remember your dog is very intelligent, doesn’t really matter what breed he/she is. Even mixed breeds have quite a great deal of intelligence to instantly understand whether you like or dislike something.

Third step that I would suggest you is to choose a word, for instance “NO”. Use it firmly every time you get into his room. Let every one use this word and in this manner, every time anyone in your family get into Rex’s place. This step should be accompanied with what I call “Zero-Communication Rule”, and should be continued until Rex doesn’t jump any longer.

Consistency is the key to your success story! Your patience will yield you sweet fruits!

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