Friday, August 11, 2017

Behavioral Change & Canine Health Concern

Any change in the behaviors of your dogs give an indication of change in his mental state, which can be the cause of deterioration in his internal health condition that may not be noticed apparently always. For example if Reva doesn’t exhibit enthusiasm while meeting, she might have digestive issues for some reason. Underlying factors such as pain, anemia, gastrointestinal problems, etc. that are not apparent may drop your dog’s energy level. Any subtle changes in your dog’s behavior should be addressed seriously. In case you notice any subtle changes in the behavior, it is probably the time call your vet or proper medical diagnosis. It is, however, highly advised to treat a condition than to wait for it to become a big health concern.

Here are certain behavior factors that should be worth noticing and spared thought over:

1. Reva – who has been a great foodie, suddenly starts refusing food: Consult a vet immediately. She might have digestive or gastrointestinal problems which need to be address without delay. Heavy infestation of internal parasite may discourage you dog to eat. Fever, pain, or any other health issues can also be the causes for your dog to refuse his most favorite food.

2. If your dog was accident free indoor, and now have started having accidents even though there haven’t been any change in the lifestyle and households and the dog had free access to the potty zone, gives an indication that he/she is having internal health problem. Immediately see a vet.

3. A play-friendly dog suddenly refusing to go out for a play or a walk is an indication of health issues. It is probably the time to call a vet.

4. A properly socialized dog that has been very friendly to people suddenly starts avoiding people and hiding away, gives an indication of sickness.

5. A friendly and cool dog who starts exhibiting aggression towards his/her pack members – family gives an indication of sickness

6. A friendly and socialized dog suddenly starts staying clear of own ones’ touches indicates illness, even though he/she is not showing aggression.

7. Not drinking water as he/she used to drink or over drinking are both indications of serious illness. Adult or aged females showing too much thirst and tends to drink heavily indicate serious health issues like pyometra.

8. Have your dog suddenly started showing tendencies of licking walls and floors? See a vet

9. Do you notice any difference in his or her tail wagging movement? Even though he is still as happy as he used to be a difference in the movement of tail indicates underlying health issues.

10. Have you start noticing your dog staying aloof most often in a day? See a vet as soon as possible.

11. If a dog who used to enjoy going up and down the stairs several times in a day suddenly starts refusing it should be bought to the vet’s immediate notice, even though he/she is not having problem in normal walking activities.

12. Is chewing toys the favorite pastime for Rex. If he is loath to do that suddenly today, keep an eye on him for a day or two. If he still showing no interest in his chewing toys, it is probably the time to see your vet.

Any change in behavior in your dog – however small or minor it is, gives an indication of internal health problem, which should be addressed without delay. Behavioral changes in your dog are considered as the most important information that your vet will be seeking for. Correctly explaining your dog’s behavioral changes (minor and/or major) to the vet will help him diagnose the health issues correctly.

Keeping an eye on your dog’s behavior is what is expected from a responsible owner. It is important NOT to overlook any changes – even the most minor ones until it breaks your nerves.

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