Friday, July 6, 2012

Developmental Growth Disorders in Puppies

It is more than important that you should kick start your dog's life with good nutrition, proper exercise and pure love. With these being introduced your dog's life during the early stage when he is a puppy you can rest assured that your puppy will grow up with minimum health issues - especially growth disorders. Growth disorders is not just a single diseases, but is referred to any kind of health problem that your puppy tend to show as he or she grows. Growth disorders in puppies commonly includes problems like bowed legs, obesity, joint pain, abnormal posture, muscle disorders, digestive ailments etc. Puppies (especially of large and giant breeds) with tendencies to grow faster may show some of the growth disorders like bowed legs, joint pain and abnormal posture and the condition may worsen if proper care is not administered at the right time.     

The best way to treat growth disorders in puppies is to prevent it at the first place! Make a routine for feeding. Food should be given at fixed interval. For a growing puppy it is suggested to feed him or her at a regular interval of 4 to 5 hours. A controlled and scientific intake of a properly balanced diet with required protein, vitamins and minerals is the key to the success story. Play time is essential for good digestive system. undisturbed sleep is again another most important nutrition for a growing puppy.

Puppies should be kept on a scientific growth formula. A growing puppy should not be fed to grow at an above-average rate. Heavy feeding and administering excess minerals may expose your puppy to the risk of developing anatomical deformities. Proteins, doubtlessly, are the “building blocks” of tissues, and hence it is of utmost importance, but over feeding of high protein diet can jeopardize your puppy's life. Meat has higher biological value than vegies. Meat is hence important, but vegetables are also important instead of over feeding of meat. calcium and phosphorus are both highly important for healthy growth and bone development. But over supplementation can cause irreparable damages.

Last but not the least, water has immense significance in preventing most of the growth disorders in puppies.

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