Sunday, June 24, 2012

Most Common Sign of Eye Problems in Your Dog

Eye problems are quite common in dogs - especially the puppies and aging dogs. Like us - humans, our canine citizens are also prone to eye problems. The flat headed breeds such as boxer, Pekingese, bulldog, pug, Shar Pei etc. that have protruding eyes, are more prone to eye discharge problem compared to the other breeds.The most common and preliminary symptoms of eye problems in dogs are as follows:

  • Running eyes - excess tearing (Epiphora)
  • Continuous Discharge from the eyes
  • Dry eye - characterized by sticky, tenacious discharge
  • Eyes turn cloudy
  • Bulging eye(s)
  • Redness
  • Dog rubbing eyes with his foreleg
  • Dog trying to rub his face on the hard surface like wall or ground
  • Dog trying to avoid light
Prevention is the best cure I can suggest for any health issues in your dogs, including eye problems. The preventive measures for eye problems in dogs starts mainly with proper diet, apart from keeping him clean and not letting mingle with dogs with eye problems already. Some eye diseases in dogs, like human, are contagious. Experienced doggy people stress more on diet to keep their dogs healthy. I would suggest you considering adding certain components in your dog's meal in order to prevent eye problems.

Give him green! Remember, that your dog is not a carnivorous animal; rather he is omnivorous like you and me. It is not wise at all to keep him only on meat. Add green leafy vegies, cabbage leaves, parsley carrot, spinach, sesame seeds to his diet in adequate quantity. Sunflower seeds are also good for your dog's eye health. Eggs can be great addition to his diet. Two eggs in each meal to an adult large breed dog that has normal digestive system can make a very healthy diet for him. Eggs are very good source of eye nutrients such as vitamin A, Vitamin B12, vitamin D, cysteine, lecithin and zinc. Boiled green papayas are great addition to your dogs meal. Green and ripen papayas, and mangoes are rich in bioflavonoids which is another most important eye nutrition that must be given to your dogs.

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