Saturday, February 4, 2012

What a Dog Teaches You

I am really honored that there are thousands of people out there who are dropping by this blog - "Welcome Dog Lovers" each day looking for information about dogs. I think the specialty of this dog blog is that it doesn't talk about a specific breed; rather dog as a whole. And this is, I believe the key to the success story of this dog information blog.

We keep dogs, because we love them! Have you ever spare a thought on what your dog teaches you? They teach us life's most precious, invaluable lessons.I am sure now you are going to think about it.

Living in the moment: I hardly waste time thinking about the future and regretting on my past failures. Like my dogs I try to live in my present tense, doing things that gives me the pleasure of being on this planet at this very moment. I have some very important work pending, but I write this post now because I want to write this now.

Trust your instincts: I have learned not to believe in sweet words, but to trust my own instincts, whenever I come across a stranger - especially the ones who seems to be very friendly. Dogs hardly care about what you say; rather they are driven by their own instincts. Dogs can understand what's there in your mind by the way of analyzing closely the different factors like body language, eye contact, etc.

Unity and Pack Instinct: I have always kept more than one dogs, and have noticed that clashes between them in the pack hardly occur. Contrary to the human community, dogs better understand that "Unity is strength." Holding onto negative feelings about your friends and kins begets bitterness in relationship, and finally you are going to get just nothing!

They will say a lot of things: Just give a damn to what they say. If you are doing nothing wrong, you do not have to care in what the world says and how it thinks. When I take my shepherds out for the walk, they usually do not appear to  have a care in the how the world looks at him.

Everyday is a Christmas: I try to start off my days like my dogs. for them each single day is a Christmas. They seem to be living a better life then the best ways they probably had spent sometimes in the past.

And finally...

Sharing Things: We are loosing our humanity too fast. We have forgotten to share our things - especially  the things that have been gifted to us by the Lord. Sharing and caring give a lots of satisfaction...

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