Saturday, February 11, 2012

Animal Communication - Series 5

Welcome to the part 5 in a series of tips on Animal Communication. My name is Di van, I live in South Africa and I am an Animal Communicator. You can find my entire series on animal communication here.

In this part we deal with making one of the hardest decisions for anyone who has an animal in their care - when to euthanize, what steps to take and how to approach it even if your are unable to hear what your animal is saying.

Most of us rely on our vet to advise when our animal’s quality of life has deteriorated to such a degree that we need to consider euthanizing them. It is one of the hardest decisions we, as animal lovers, will ever have to make and the majority of us have this nagging doubt in our minds as to whether we have made the right choice.

It is important to find some quiet time with your animal. You can speak to them out loud or in your mind as long as they know you are talking to them. Try and keep your mind focussed on what you are saying to your beloved pet and explain the situation as you see it. I have helped friends with a number of animals whose time had come and the animal always asks what will happen them and will it be painful.

If you explain the procedure your vet will do emphasising how you will be at their side helping them (no matter how emotionally painful it is for you, this is important to the animal). The next part of the conversation is up to you but based on information gathered from the animal souls I have communicated with after they have passed over this is what I say in this situation. I explain they will feel very peaceful and all their pain will disappear. Their friends who have passed over will be waiting for them to help them leave their bodies and they will find peace and happiness in their new environment.

It might be comforting for you to try and look for a sign from the animal, in their eyes or the way they react to you talking to them, that you are doing what is best for them.

Finally, if you have more than one animal do not forget about the one left behind. They will grieve too and will need your help and understanding during this painful time. You also need to let them know what is happening and that their friend will not be coming back.

Till the next time.

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