Thursday, November 10, 2011

What will your dog find under the Christmas tree this year?

I am sure over 60% of dog owners in America, United Kingdom and other parts of the globe will buy gifts for their dogs – their best friends. Past records and certain documentations show that on an average around $35 to $45 are being spent on dogs, cats and other pets on Christmas. Market places and pet malls have started waving with toys and treats, topping the list.

Documentations have shown that approximately 70% of dogs and cats and other pets will find toys as Christmas gift under the Christmas tree, 25% dogs will find treats like Christmas cookies for dogs and the rest will be gifted with Christmas dog costumes. So what is your dog going to find under the Christmas tree this year? If you ask me, I have planned to hit my beloved shepherds with crunchy surprises. Guess what? Yes, home made Christmas cookies for dogs! Some of my friends had made Christmas dog cookies at home with newer creative ideas. The crunchy and yummy homemade cookies made their last Christmas a never-forgettable episode for sure.

But can there by something more precious for them than some expensive Christmas dog gifts or cookies?

Get your dog involved in your Christmas fun

Whether you make cookies at home for your dogs this Christmas or you buy some Christmas treats, remembering them on an event like this is highly appreciated. Getting your dog involved in your Christmas fun is very important. Now I come to the point. Yes, getting your dog involved with your on Christmas is important, because they can get another chance to know you better. Nothing better than this, can help you to strengthen your bondage with your dog. Remember Christmas is not only for us, but for our dogs too!

Spend time with your dogs during the Christmas holiday

I can understand that you have a hectic schedule throughout the year, and you hardly can spend enough time with your dogs, though you have always wanted to do so. Christmas holiday is the best time to spend little more time with your dogs. Play more with them in the morning. Walk a few miles extra with your dogs each day during the holiday. Take them on a drive somewhere nearby. These are more precious for them than finding cookies under your Christmas tree. I am sure you will notice little more glory on your dog’s face this Christmas.

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