Thursday, November 10, 2011

Top Ten Tips - Christmas Safety for Your Dogs

Christmas is the happiest time of the year and you should make sure that you have taken every possible safety measure, since you have a dog with you - the most naughtiest yet loveliest member of your family. Here are the top ten tips on the Christmas safety measure for your dog and your family. Let me tell you this is the time you should spare serious thought about it. Most dogs go crazy seeing dazzling lights and colorful decoratios all around. Its the time for you to get ready so that your dogs keep calm.

Firstly, put your dog to good feeding and adequate exercise on a regular basis from now. This will reduce his stress level. A tired dog is a content dog. If your dog is on routine exercise and effective nutrition, fact remains that he will stay calm as long as he doesn't have any other behavioral problem.

Secondly, call you friends together every weekend so that your dog gets adopted with the kind of mob he will be facing on Christmas day.

Thirdly, keep your dog enclosed in a room for few minutes number of times in a day. This is a practice that will make him seasoned withy staying alone enclosed even when the mob is gathering righ outside. Gradually increase the timing of his being closed inside. Remember a frustrated dog will mess when kept inside. So giving solid exercise and good food is of utmost necessity

Fourthly, take him out multiple times a day for pee. Doing this from now will give you an indication as to when exactly to release him out for the pee.

Fifthly, don't give him Christmas chocolates and resins that are often used in Christmas cakes. Both resins and chocolates are potentially harmful for your dog. Discourage your friends who may want to share human foods with your dogs. Rich and fatty gravies, buttery sauces and cakes can be potentially dangerous for your dog. Alcoholic beverages can be reallt dangerous. If you have wine chocolates for the Christmas eve, keep those out of reach.

Sixthly, if you are buying a Christmas toy for your dog, consider your breed. Small toy for a large German Shepherd may get accidentally ingested and can cause chocking. Who wants to make a Christmas ever memorable for an incident like this

Seventhly, Decorate your Christmas hall safely. Let not the electrical wirings snake around hither and tither. Accidents may happen at any point of time. Don't make childlike amusement by trying to decorate your dog by wrapping around the electrical light wires, as you may have seen while looking for images on the web. A couple of times I have heard stories about Christmas horror, when puppies or dogs have had sad demises after getting high voltage electrical shock. Childish experimentation can put a shocking damper on your Christmas fun.

Eighthly, make sure you secure your Christmas garbage into the trash bucket with tight lids. Your dog has a tendency to sniff the holiday garbage and try to chew

Ninthly, display all candles on higher altitude on shelves

Finally, keep your dogs away from all decorative plants, like Poinsettia, Mistletoe etc. things may end up with shreiking pain and huge loss if your dog accidentally ingest such holiday decorative plants.

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