Thursday, August 25, 2011

Deep Into My Heart – I Love Them

The more I love them.. the deeper I get involved emotionally from the core of heart. I don't know where to stop, when and how to stop loving them. I am in love with dogs since the time immemorial. I have been carried away by their look, the way the see me, their wags and finally but most importantly their million dollar licks when I get back home. I get back home from the work place for my family for sure... but equally important to me is their smell. I love them; I love their smell. I love talking to them, scolding them obviously when they mess at home, and again look at them peeping through the corner how innocently they honor my scolds. I love them just for the reason I was born to do so. I love them because they have no colors, no politics in mind, no complains, nothing.... just have sky-size hearts. They wag even when I am late feeding them. They lick me even when they are empty stomach. I love them because I love quenching my thirst with their priceless kisses.

And I am sure you love them for the same reasons what I love them for!I love my dogs and equally yours...

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