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Most Common Mistakes That Dog Lovers Make

This swirled up in my mind suddenly while I was reading out a magazine that mentioned how even the most responsible dog owners some times are held responsible for their dogs’ sad demise. Although being hugely responsible, many dog owners make some of the biggest mistakes that may claim their dogs’ life. I discussed with one of my German Shepherd lover pals, my idea of making an analysis of the most commonly committed mistakes by the dog lovers. It took us around half a year to gather a good deal of information about Most Common Mistakes That Dog Lovers Make that I think can make a meaningful blog post.

Yearly Health Check for your Dogs

We came across many dog lovers who do not care to see the vet for their dog’s health check up until they find an apparent health issue. There can be many dormant health problems in dogs that may remain undetected until they become serious and uncontrollable. Moreover, it is wise to call your vets occasionally at your place instead of dropping by the vet’s clinic every time. During the old age you may need to see the vet more frequently than now. It may be a hard task for both - you and your old dog to visit the vet every time. Calling the vet at your place is a wise attempt to get your pet used to with situations of vets coming in to the dog’s place for a health check. During the old age your dog will get little aggressive towards certain situations and strangers coming home may be quite irritating for him then.

Is there any Non-Allergenic Dogs?


Here I will take a chance to talk about Mr. Barrack Obama (the present American president, who is a well known figure through out the world), who considered his mixed breed dog labradoodle as hypoallergenic. He’s wrong if he considered dogs as non-allergenic. This also reminds me of the offering of Peruvian Government to Mr. Obama and his family. I am sure you remember that the Government of Peru offered Mr. Obama a Peruvian Hairless Dogs, considering that these dogs are non-allergenic. Wrong idea!

Even the hairless dogs may be allergenic, because of their dander – the dead skin cells that form flakes and may cause allergies to some people. There’s nothing like non-allergenic dog breed on this planet.

Not All Human Medicines Are Safe For Your Dogs

Human pain killer drugs act as high poison for your dog. On administering, your dog may start blood vomiting. In worst cases the consequence is death. While large breed dogs may give you some time to take him to the veterinary clinic for necessary treatment or surgery, the small and toy breeds can hardly be saved.

Work out Prior to Meal

Kathy’s dog (Cairn Terrier) doesn’t want to eat. She’s worried because she knows that RISE should eat more than what he eats. Kathy and her husband have planned out a seemingly great solution! They made their pooch walk a good distance in order to increase his hunger. Their concern about their pooch shows that they are really responsible dog owners, but the idea of making a dog work out heavily immediately prior to meals is a big mistake. Especially for deep-chested breeds like Saluki, Great Danes, Mastiffs, German Shepherds etc. heavy exercise immediately prior to and after heavy meals may turn out to be really fatal. Bloat (gastric torsion) due to exercise before and after meals may claim life of your beautiful companion. I suggested Kathy to visit the vet immediately… RISE may need a temporary liver treatment. Chances are also there that her digestive system needs to be treated. Vet is the best person to decide on that.

There are lots of other observations we have made regarding most common mistakes the dog lovers make. You can find more on this analysis and our observations at About German Shepherd Dog, where we contributed an article with more detailed information. Read out Biggest Mistakes the Dog Lovers Make there!

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