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Dog Facts - Rare Dog Breeds

Welcome Dog Lovers… here’s an interesting posts that most of you would like to read, I am sure. If you are looking for interesting dog facts that many of us have not been aware of, you are on the right page.

Did you know that dogs can actually see colors, although not as prominently as human? Did you know that Basenji is the only dog breed on the planet that cannot bark?
Did you know that a female German Shepherd guide dog led her companion, who was blind an incredible distance of 2100 mile Applachian Trail?
Did you know that dog’s nose prints, alike human finger prints, are unique, and can be used to accurately identify them? Interestingly, Chihuahua puppies are born with a very tender spot in their skull which closes with age, just like human babies.

But this post is not meant to offer info as the above. This post has been composed to provide information about some of the rare dog breeds.

Read on…

one of the most rarest dog breed Ariégois that is one of the great working harrier (French pack-hunting scenthound), and is the result of cross breeding several French breeds including the Blue De Gascogne and Gascon Saintongeois and some local briquette hounds.
Another very rare breed – Japanese Terrier – a beautiful black mask dog breed is rapidly declining. A preservation society has been established in Japan to breed and enhance the numbers and popularity.

Another rare dog breed New Guinea Singing Dog has been accepted to be one of the most primitive domestic dogs that had been taken to the island around 6000 years ago. This dog breed has not been promoted properly and has been kept isolated I Papua, New Guinea. These beautiful dog breed is almost a living fossil these days.

Another very rare Korean dog breed – Poong San has been facing a stiff decline due to non-promotion. Scientific breeding programs for Poong San has recently been set up by responsible breeders. This breed was named after the place or its origin – Poong San Region of North East Korea.

Kintamani Dog is another rare dog breed that is typical to Bali, Indonesia. They are bred in a rare village and sold as family pets.
An ancient livestock guarding dog breed, Yugoslavian Herder that originated from the south-eastern mountainous range of former Yugoslavia is still used to guard and protect flocks in his homeland. Yugoslavian Herder was once called Illyrian Shepherd Dog.

Kai – a rare dog breed is fortunately increasing its popularity. Kai is a good watchdog, but a incredible good companion at the same time.

Hokkaido is another rare dog breed, which is considered to have its roots in the Matagi-ken, a breed brought by the Ainu people from the Tohoku region during the Jōmon period. The isolation of Hokkaido led to decrease in popularity. In the year 1869, the English zoologist Thomas W. Blankiston gave this breed the name Hokkaido.

Karelian Bear Dog - a rare dog breed with striking beauty had its origin in Finland and Russia (Finnish-Russian border), where it used to be considered as the national treasure.

Well, now this is for those who are planning to own a Chihuahua. Although this is not a rare breed, yet this information is indeed uncommon and most of you, I am sure, are not aware of this fact about Chihuahuas. If you are a first time owner you should remember that Chihuahuas often get "Hypoglycemic". Hypoglycemia is deficiency of glucose in blood. It is to be remembered that Chihuahua dogs have tendencies to get deficient of glucose in the blood if they are given heavy exercise (or allowed to run around in the garden or amidst the woods for long span of time) and suddenly lose energy.

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