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Raising A Puppy – A Guide on How to Raise a Puppy

I am honored that you have liked my post how to pick a puppy. Here's something of the same type... How to Raise a Puppy. Owning a dog is way more than just owning a dog.

Raising a puppy involves a lot of dedication, hard works, commitments and challenges be it a German Shepherd Dog or a Doberman puppy or any other breed. The responsibility actually starts prior to buying the puppies and it after bring it home that the responsibility gets magnified a several times. Decision making and planning have to be formulated at the outset. Think twice whether you will be able to raise the puppy in the way it actually should be. Candidly speaking it is not tough for the experienced persons, while may be turn out to be a bit hectic and confusing for a fresher.responsibility towards puppy

Decide the breed first
Although raising the puppies is almost all the same irrespective of breed, yet there are certain breeds such as Chinese crested hairless dogs, pug dogs, chihuahuas and etc. that requires extra attention and care at the very nascent stage. It is hence advisable to decide the breed first and see to it if you would be able to give the right degree of attention and care that is required to raise these breeds properly.

This tends to be the next very significant issue – perhaps one of the most significant ones. Choose the good food for your dog. A good or the right kind of foods means the complete food that contains all the requisite ingredients and the right proportion of protein, fat, fiber, and minerals. It should provide your puppy with all the nutrition that is required to stay healthy and active.

Your puppy actually needs something more than simply the commercial dry foods. It will be wise enough to provide your little puppy a wholesome soup of the mixed veggies and beaf or chicken, for instance, along with the dry food. Despite the extensive campaigning and advertisement of the multibillion-dollar dog food companies, sometimes the experienced veterinarians and the esteemed breeds and canine experts say that the dry food alone is not enough. Fresh greens along with some fresh meat (chicken or turkey or lamb or beaf and etc.) is however, essentially necessary.

Give your puppy good multivitamin and multimineral supplements after the consulting the vet. Glucosamine or Vitamin C and chondrotin are the couple of essential items that should be charged until the puppy reaches at least 12 months of age. Regular general health check up is what is highly essential that has to be kept in the forefront of the mind.

Right Degree Of Exercise
Right amount of exercise will be highly beneficial, while over exercise during the very nascent stage may knock your puppy down to the zone of jeopardy. Proper exercise is of prime significance when it comes to the issue of digestion and growth.

Socializing your puppy proves to be the again another very significant point when it comes to raising your puppy. After the age of at least 4 to 5 months and after all the preliminary vaccination courses are over, take your little pooch out to the external world, exposing it to the different new sounds and situations will eventually make your dog smart and would drive away all its shyness.

Read out what Mr. John Clifton an highly experienced GSD breeder and enthusiast has to say about owning German Shepherds in the web's most talked about GSD Owner's Guide.

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