Monday, November 15, 2010

Dogs need more than just enough food and fresh water

Love is their mental nutrition!

One of the most frequent excuses that I get to face regarding keeping dogs in the backyard is that they The argument I most often hear regarding dogs in backyards is that they are most lovable member of the family and they need fresh oxygenated air, sunlight and enough open space. These are just mere excuses from irresponsible dog owners, who have never succeeded in maintaining and training their dogs. In almost all circumstances of dogs spending times in the yards, the major reason is that they behave weird, which is not the dogs' fault. Lack of training and exercises makes them behave like idiots. Dogs are after all not human beings, although they have intellects which can be put to use while training them to behave well in care

Dogs are social creatures. They need your companionship. They would behave better indoors with their pack, if they are well trained. Honestly, responsible dog owners would walk their dogs in the morning for fresh air instead of keeping the beloveds away in the yard unsupervised. Leaving them outside cannot be the solution. They will develop more undesirable behaviors like digging holes, chewing herbs, barking, whining, running behind cats and rolling on mud. The biggest misconception about dogs is the belief that they stay happy if they are kept in backyard.

Backyard dogs are problematic dogs! Let me repeat... Dogs are social creatures. Keeping him isolated from his pack (which includes every single member of your family) put extra stress on your dogs, which results them to exhibit hyper activities. Mental stress in dogs often leads to health issues along with behavioral problems. They may even try to escape. Well now, another funny excuse from the so-called responsible owners is that they keep their dog outside, but in an well fenced area where they cannot escape from. Poor fellas! They have not studied dog psychology. Let me unearth a fact here. Dogs staying outside in a well fenced acreage and away from their pack mates for a long period of time are bound to develop more behavioral problems over time. Fencing will trigger their territorial instincts, when they can sense activities of stranger human beings and other animals outside the fence. This will in turn increase their tendencies of barking and often these animals develop territorial aggression. For every little activity outside the fence, the dog will start barking. Over the time they will develop a tendency of continuous barking and even biting in the rage of undesirable aggression in worse situations. It becomes harder to train them further. Now what?

dog careAnother fact to be disclosed here is that keeping a dog continuously outside your house is a torture to the animal and is an illegal offense. Before bringing the puppy home, decide on how much time can you devote to lovely little pooch. People who keep their dogs away from home - in the backyard are considered irresponsible, although they insist that they are very responsible owners because they feed them good food. Dogs need more than just enough food and fresh water! Love is their mental nutrition. They need your touch, no matter what breed he is.

Spending a couple of hours a day is a big thing for your dog. Giving them good food and making water always available for him to drink in the backyard do not make him an inseparable part of your family. Training him, teaching him good behaviors and sometimes sharing him your bed, apart from giving him commercial food are very much needed. Give him a happy life!

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The Dogteacher December 17, 2010 at 2:18 PM  

I absolutely agree with this article.What I mean is that, our pets are just like humans and they need to be properly cared.

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