Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentines Day Gifts for your Dog

Folks... valentines day is just around the corner and people across the globe have already gone gaga over the three little words. I am sure you have stopped by this post on "how to show love to your dogs this valentines day" because you are a dog lover. So, if you are a true dog lover, you must have planned something to show special love to your dogs on Valentines Day 2010. Your dog is someone who would love you from the core of his/heart heart unconditionally. He or she would expect you to be around all your good and bad moments and would never get bored of the aura of your presence. You dog is someone who would be by your side wherever or whenever you would want them to be! Well, I think all these unique natures of a dog (be of any breed or a mixed breed or a mongrel) surely surpass the definition of a perfect Valentine. Trust me, you are amongst the luckiest people in the world if you have such a great companion. So how are you going to make his/ her day special on the Valentines Day this year?

Remember, for your dog there are just too few things on this planet that can make them the happiest of all creatures! And those not expensive. All your dog needs are just your presence, play and pure love. I won't talk about food and water for your dog here, because I am sure you will never miss out feeding him/ her good. Dogs are like kids - no matter how old they are! So they will always love toys. Why not buy your dogs some really enjoyable toys? Now here I would like to mention something that may make you raise your brows! Yes... here's something that you may find anti valentines day! Although the color red is a symbol of love, although the world is going to get adorned with all red, gifts will wrapped in red, I would suggest you not to pick red when you are buying a toy for your pooches. Remember, dogs find it really difficult to see red properly, although most pet product manufacturers produce dog stuf red. Please check out my article on dogs color vision.

Now what I have planned for dogs this Valentines Day?

A grand Dog Show! Yes... I have an organization. I mean, I am an active member of a newly formed dog lovers' organization. German Shepherd Dog Club of India -

Bengal Chapter is the name of our organization that constitutes of some GSD enthusiasts, breeders, owners, trainers, vets etc. We are going to organize a grand GSD specialty open show at Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Contestants from all across the country are taking part in the competition and the specimens are going to be judged by the SV judge Mr. Franz Peter Knoll, who is flying down from Germany. This is going to be a real blast for German shepherd Dog lovers, owners, breeders and not to be forgotten the dogs themselves. There are wide assortments of awards - especially trophies, cups and certificates for the winners... no red there! But something that is continually poking my mind is that there should be something for the dogs to play. Candidly speaking, they will not understand what those trophies are all about! So folks, can you please suggest me some budget friendly gifts of the dogs that can be given to them on the Valentines Day dog show that is going to be organized by GSDCI - Bengal Chapter?

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