Monday, October 29, 2007

My Canine Friends are Dying to Teach Peruvian Army the Art Of Killing

What else my dog friends have to do for us mankind??? They have been doing a lot for us -- guiding the blinds to the destination, fetching the news papers to their old masters, guarding and protecting our properties, going down to fetch games for their hunter masters, carrying messages during the war times and what not?

But it's really painful to say that they are now dying to teach the respected soldiers of Peru how to kill. Shame on the Government of Peru and educated Peruvian army officers !!!

The Peruvian commandos are tought how to kill where live dogs are spreadeagled and tied between the poles fixed vertically into the ground. The muscular Peruvian heroes slash and stab the helpless creature to death. This is how they are tought how to kill. Shame on the Government of Peru and educated Peruvian army officers !!! This is not the end...

I will not put the picture in my blog but all I can do is to redirect you to read about what's going on over there. Click here. This barbarism of the Peruvian military was first brought to notice by World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), which is a British charity. I owe millions of thanks to WSPA to bring the fact before the mass attention.

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