Saturday, July 22, 2017

Improved Life: Obese Dogs That Lose Weight

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have discovered that the obese dogs that lose weight usually get an improved life quality. compared to the ones that do not. Even before the research had been carried out, people used to know that non-obese dogs, much like their human owners, are blessed with the better quality of life. Studies have shown that almost one-third of the dog population in the UK is overweight, which is a really big reason of concern for the dog owners. Obesity is the root to a series of health issues, including cardiac problem, diabetes and arthritis. 

The scientists carried out a research work with 50 obese dogs, including both genders and pure breeds and mixed breeds at the University of Liverpool in collaboration with the University of Glasgow, Royal Canin and the WALTHAM Center for Pet Nutrition. The owners were asked to complete a questionnaire in order to diagnose the issues related to their dogs health that influenced the life of their dog before the weight loss. In the second phase another questionnaire was asked to be completed by the owners of 30 dogs that were put in a weight loss session and successfully completed the program. The researchers could assess the change in the quality of the life of their dogs. The life quality of the dogs which lose weight in the program was compared with the ones that failed to succeed in the weight loss program.

Good news is several factors influencing the life quality were noticed to have developed. These factors included vitality (strength activeness and energy), emotional balance and pain. the result showed that the life quality, in terms of pains, mental balance and vitality, was improved for the dogs that could succeed in the weight loss program. Obesity is a risk for many dogs, affecting not only their health but also their quality of life. This research indicates that weight loss can play an important role in keeping your dog both healthy and happy, said Dr Alex German, Director of the Royal Canin Weight Management Clinic at the University. According to Dr Penelope Morris, from the WALTHAM Center for Pet Nutrition, strategies for combating obesity and keeping dogs fit and healthy include portion control, increased exercise and diets specifically formulated for overweight pets.

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