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Ears and Ear Set of Dog Breeds

Dog Ear Terminology - A rich glossary of dog ear shapes and sets

Ears and eyes and their shapes and settings happen to be the most important component or factors for dogs' expression. It is easy to visualize a dog's look and expression when you hear about a dog with V-Shaped ears and Prick ears. Can you form a mental image of a dog with Heart-shaped Ears if you have not been much in touch with Pekingese?

Different dog breeds have different ear sets and shapes, giving the breed a distinctive look and expression. Here is an information of 21 types of ear types for different canine breeds.  

Bat Ears: The terminology “bat ears” is used to define the ear set more or less like that of a bat. Perfect example of a breed with the bat ear set is Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Generally used in Europe, the term “bat ears” means the ear set that is very much similar to “Tulip Ears”. “Bat ears” is the terminology used to define the ears that are wide, erect and facing forward, with broad base. At the tip the “bat ears” are widely round.

Blunt-Tipped Ears: Perfect examples of dog breeds with “blunt-tipped ears” are Chow Chow and French Bull Dog. Blunt-tipped ears are those that have tips clearly and bluntly rounded with moderately broad base.

Button Ears: Button ears are semi erect ears with lower pert standing upright, but the upper part folded downward. Dropping down towards the front direction, the orifice region to ear canal becomes partially obscure. The ears of a well bred Border terrier is the best example of button ears.

Candle Flame Ears: The perfect example of the dog breed with “candle flame ears” is English Toy Terrier. These ears are set moderately wide apart at the tip and have shapes very much similar to the candle flame.

Cocked Ears: Also called semi-dropped, semi-prick or tipped ears the “cocked ears” is a terminology used described the ears set of a Shetland sheepdog (sheltie). The tips of the ears bent slightly forward (not folded fully downwards like the “button ears”), giving the dog a very keen expression.

Cropped Ears: Often called Crop Ears, the terminology “cropped ears” is used to describe a condition when the ears are cosmetically made to erect. This involves a small surgery in case of breeds like Dobermann Pinscher, Great Dane, Boxer etc. in order to remove a section of the ear lobe. Such cosmetic surgery (like ear cropping and tail docking) has been banned in many parts of the world.

Drop Ears: The term “Drop Ears” is used to describe the ears that hang down from their junction by the side of their heads. The drop ears can be fully dropped, folded, pendant and pendulous ears. Dog breeds like Hovawart, Blood Hounds etc. are the perfect examples of dog breeds with Drop Ears.

Filbert Shaped Ears: The terminology “Filbert Shaped Ears” is used to describe the type of ears that Bedlington Terriers have. The term originates from the hazel nuts, which are sometimes called Filberts.

Flying Ears: Flying ears are those that stick out or fly away the head sides. Although in many dog breeds flying ears are a serious faults, yet the dog breeds like Gazehounds it is highly desirable, because they tend to lift their ears in the stuck out position in order to hear sounds more perfectly, when something catches their attentions. Despite being a faulty the Flying Ears are quite commonly found in many dog breed while teething.

Folded Ears: Folded ears are usually pendant ears, with the lobes hanging downwards rather than hanging flat. Field Spaniels and Bloodhounds are the perfect examples of these types of ears.

Heart-shaped Ears: Usually the heart shaped ears are not properly recognized due to the coat covers. You can feel it by touch. Pekingese and Portuguese Water Dogs are the perfect examples of heart-shaped ears.

High-set Ears: High set ears are the ears that start almost from the top of the skull. In most breeds with the high ear set, the ears are set higher than the eye level. High set ears are found in many types of ear formations and hence quite a number of canine breeds are included in the list of dogs with high-set ears. Pharao Hound and Basenji are the many canine breeds that have the high set ears.

Hooded Ears: Relatively small, these ears are curved forwards. This gives the ears a look of hoods. The edges of these types of ears are gently curved towards the front, which gives the dog very unique expression. Basenji is a canine breed with hooded ears.

Lobe-shaped Ears: Also called lobular the terminology “lobe-shaped ears” is used to describe the kind of hanging ears that are found n the breeds like cocker spaniels, English Springer Spaniels and Irish Water Spaniels.

Low-set Ears: The term “low-set ear” is used to describe the ear set just opposite to what actually high-set is. Low set ears are the ears that start from relatively lower position of the skull. Bloodhound is one of the dog breeds that have low-set ears.

Prick Ears: Prick ears are the erect and upright ears that are found in the breed like German shepherd Dogs, Siberian Huskies, Canaan dogs, Japanese Akita, Japanese Shiba Inu etc. Dogs with the prick ears have their tips usually rounded or pointed which vary from breed to breed. This kind of ears gives the dog a very unique expression.

Rolled Ears: Dog breeds such as Bloodhound, Basset Hound etc. have rolled ears. The term “rolled ears” are used to described the ears that are pendant and folded. Such ears are associated usually with the hounds.

Rose Ears: Quite unique of its kind the term “rose ears” is used to describe the type of ear that are found in the dog breeds like Whippet and Bull Dogs. Some pugs are seen, although not very frequently, with such ears.

Triangular Ears: Triangular Ears is again very unique of its kind. Most dogs breeds with Prick ears have ears that are triangular shapes. But Triangular ears are use to describe the ears that form almost an equilateral triangle. Dog breeds such as Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, Siberian Huskies and Norwegian Buhund have Triangular ears.

V-Shaped ears: The V-shaped ears are the ones that triangular but at the same dropped down also. From the tip of the ears to its base the V-shaped ear are longer enough. Hungarian Vizsla and Bull Mastiff are the couple of canine breeds that have typical V-shaped ears.

Please stay away from tail docking and ear cropping. Please understand that cosmetic surgeries are unnecessary and bring harm to your beloved.

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