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Natural Dog Remedies - Chiropractic Therapy For Dogs

Re-establishing Nervous Stimulation and Functionality in Dogs Through Chiropractic Therapy

I have received a few mails of appreciation from some of my readers for the post Herbal Cure for Dogs that was published October 2013. This is an indication that dog lovers are looking for non-chemical, natural pet remedies. However, it is not always possible to treat diseases without chemical drugs, but there are certain conditions that can be treated non-chemically. Chiropractic treatment method is one of those few effective non-drug therapies (natural dog remedies) that works well for your dogs - especially for treating conditions like:

1. Bladder or bowel incontinence
2. Neck pain
3. Back pain
4. Dysplastic elbow, and hip
5. Arthritis
6. Chronic nerve problems resulting to tilted head and disorientation or balance problem
7. Wobbler's syndrome
8. Hind quarter weakness
9. Non-genetic roaching topline
10. Trouble during lying down and sitting from standing
11. Lameness accompanied by an inability to jump, climb stairs, run or even walk long

Other conditions like tremor during standing, diminishing performance of athletic dogs, digestive problems etc. also respond fairly well to consistent and continual chiropractic treatment in dogs, provided it is done by a real dog chiropractors with rich experience.

Not much talked about area, chiropractic for dogs - natural dog remedies, is a unique blend of science and art to use the dogs' internal recuperative powers to regain normal condition. An experienced dog chiropractor attempt to restore the functionality of the dog's nervous system and correct the misalignment in dog's internal system. This is done only after critically diagnosing the condition and observing the patient. A dog chiropractor will require to do all relevant veterinarians’ traditional examination in order to get the link between the findings from his diagnosis and observation and the veterinarians’ examination reports.

Who is a dog chiropractor?

A dog chiropractor is not just anyone who can perform good massage therapy and can provide temporary relief to your dog from pains. A dog chiropractor should be a certificate holder from a registered and recognized nation animal chiropractic commission. For instance in the USA Animal Chiropractic Certification Commission (ACCC) of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA), is the primary national credential for this field. Please not that ACCC/AVCA Certification is valid only for 3 years and all certificants have to renewing their certification every 3 years. On the other hand, the British Veterinary Chiropractic Association (BVCA) is a national non-profit organization in the UK that promotes excellence in the field of animal Chiropractic in the country. Canada too have their own animals chiropractic certification program. Canadian Animal Chiropractic Certification Program provides relevant training. However, while many countries have their own authority or board that provides training and certification for animal chiropractic, other unfortunately don't yet have that awareness.

Chiropractic adjustments for dogs (natural dog remedies) and in other pets like cats and horses involves adjustment through specific impulse directed at one or more joint points focused towards reducing problems and enhancing normal movement. Chiropractic impulse can also be directed to enhance nervous stimulation and blood circulation in dogs to re-establish normalcy.

Continue read our next post: Why and When To Use Chiropractic Treatment for Dogs?

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