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Non-surgical Neutering Methods For Your Dogs

Neutering your dog provides some of the most significant health benefits for him. Prevention of undesirable litters is not the only reason behind neutering a male, but it is also a precautionary measure against testicular carcinoma. Desirable age for neutering a dog is six months. However, there are a series of risks involved in surgically neutering a male. The probable risks that a dog gets exposed to in case of surgery involved in the process are as follows:

  • Internal infection around the incision 
  • Recovery process is sometimes is too slow that leads to several problems 
  • Complications at times (however in rare cases) get severe 
  • Anesthesia to some dogs leads to serious problems 
  • It is sometimes difficult to keep some dogs in total rest in the post-surgery phase
  • Surgery is an expensive process 

There are very effective alternative to the surgical neutering methods that keeps your dog healthy and happy. Non-surgical methods of neutering a dog involve injection.

Injecting a solution of calcium chloride dihydrate into the testicles of a male dog will cause castration that involves no surgical activities. The chemical dosage is 20% by weight of CaCl2 dissolved in ethanol - 95% ABV. This injection eventually causes sterilization of the necrosis of the testicular tissue within approximately 40 days of the day of injection. On the date Sep 8, 2012 the first International Conference on Dog Population Management that was held in the UK concluded that calcium chloride could be used as an effective and risk-free chemosterilant (chemical compound for reproductive sterility) for dogs.

Neutersol is the brand name of zinc gluconate, neutralized by arginine, is a potent chemosterilant. On injecting this cytotoxic compound into the dogs’ testicles will cause permanent infertility due to cell damage caused by chemical imbalance in the testes.

No surgery, No risk, No Worries…

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