Saturday, November 10, 2012

Traditional Choke Chains Vs. Electronic Dog Training Collar

Choke Chains, as the name implies, is actually made of metal links and is designed in a way so as to get an effective control over your dog by choking around the neck of the dog. This choking acts as the corrective signals to the dog and the dog knows that if it continues doing the same thing the chain will chock him more tightly. This is perfectly inhumane and uncompassionate. Moreover, evidences are there that misuse of choke chains have claimed lots of innocent lives.

Dog Training Collar, on the other hand, is 100 times safer and humane as it does not create any discomfort to your dog. The contemporary training or stimulation collar for dogs works scientifically. The device attached to the collar generates low static stimulation once you press the button of the remote transmitter in your hand. The stimulation actually acts as the corrective signal for your dog that has been trained to act desirably upon the signal. However, stimulation collars aren't the only available alternative to effectively train your dog. There are collars that uses spray signals and ultrasonic signals are also effective devices.

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