Saturday, October 20, 2012

Do you need a dog fence?

Often times my friends and acquaintances who know me as a dog man ask me whether they need a dog fence! And guess what? Most of them think that they don't because their dog stays mostly indoor.

First off, dogs are not indoor animals. It is important to make provisions for them to go out whenever they need. The role of a fence comes to play here.

And more...

Is your dog aggressive? If he is then it is more than important to plan for a dog fence. You may be brought to severe penal action if your dog rushes out and bit somebody.
Is your female dog pregnant? She should be kept confined... but not indoor. Moving outside and enjoying the sun is very important for your pregnant female.

However for none of these an electric dog fence is preferred unless your dog is well trained. Honestly speaking not training your dog may save you a few dollars today, but may prove to be insanely problematic in the coming days. Your dog should be trained not to go past the territory as soon as he/she hears the warning beep of the outdoor electric dog fence. It is not expected that you dog will always learn fast. Patience is the keyword! You should complete all the steps of dog fence training without any break. It is advisable to hire a professional dog training professional.

The few steps of effective dog fence training are:

First Session : Teach the retreat or hold back pattern on warning beep.
Second Session: Correction
Thirds Session: Dealing with distractions
Fourth Session: Off-leash training
Fifth Session: Practice for off-leash unsupervised.

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