Saturday, September 22, 2012

Things to Remember While Feeding Your Dog

Loads of talks have been going on for years regarding dog food and nutrition. Here are just a few suggestions. These are the points that I follow when it comes to feeding my dogs.

1. Stop free feeding your dog. If your dog leaves the meal, leave it only for 15-20 minutes, and then pick it up.
2. Make sure that his meal is at the room temperature, while you are serving it.
3. Give fresh water and change the water in every two to three hours time, and more frequently depending on the need and during the summer. If the water cannot be drunk by you, it cannot be drunk your your dogs too.
4. Serve the water in a properly washed bowl.
5. Make sure your dog's food is not microwaved
6. Make sure you dog's food is not stored wrapped in aluminum foil
7. Do not over-exercise you dog at least 2 hours before and after heavy meal.
8. Prevent your dog from becoming obese
9. Whelping females should not be fed bones to help keep the stool soften.
10. It is suggested to fast a dog once in a month. However, many experienced people do it once a week.
11. The amount of exercise a dog gets should be the determinant of the amount and type of food. Giving him meat every day is NOT a must.
12. Cooked bones are big NO
13. Onions are good for you, but not for your dogs. In dogs onions decrease the RBC count in the blood.
14. Milk are no good for your dog. Canines are usually lactose intolerant.
15. Remember... dogs are not carnivorous animals; they are omnivorous and all-meat diet throughout the life is not recommended. Give him green too!

You will love to check out the Dog Nutrition section of Welcome Dog Lovers (WDL) Blog. 

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