Monday, August 16, 2010

German Shepherd Dog Lovers - Good News

Hello friends... it has been a long time I have not posted here at Welcome Dog Lovers. I have been a bit too busy developing the website dedicated to the German Shepherd Dog and GSD lovers. So I am here today give a good news to German Shepherd Dog lovers and owners. Find highly researched German Shepherd Dog information.

About German Shepherd Dog

About German Shepherd Dog is a website dedicated to GSD people. German Shepherd Dog has always been my dream dog and have been studying about the breed since quite a long time now. I have been running a GSD blog since August 5, 2007. Owing to unswerving appreciations from my readers world wide and encouraging emails, I decided to build a generic German Shepherd Dog website. I started my research on the website design and structure in January 2010. On February 2nd 2010, I held up a meeting with my German Shepherd lover friends and revealed my plan for developing About German Shepherd Dog - website dedicated to GSD enthusiasts. The aim is to spread breed awareness, educating novice GSD owners, helping aspiring breeders get a good understanding of the breed anatomy and purpose and above all helping German Shepherd owners become better masters for their beloved dogs.

About German Shepherd Dog is a GSD information portal run by me and a few canine specialists with me, including writers, vets, trainers, breeders and editors. We aim at making this GSD portal the world's largest online resource for German Shepherd Dog information.

Friends, we will expect your assistance in helping us grow.

But here's another great news for you all... not only for GSD enthusiasts. We - the same group will be coming up with another big dog portal, where you can find huge amount of information on dogs and dog breeds. I will inform you when the site will be launched... Stay tuned!

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