Friday, March 12, 2010

Cruft Dog Show 2010

Hey it's time for the biggest event! Yes... the world famous Cruft Dog Show 2010 is on! Around 160,000 dog lovers from across the planet have witnessed the 120th annual event - the Cruft Dog Show. Thursday, March 11 was the first day for Cruft Dog show and the working and Pastoral dog breeds had been exhibited to be judged. Friday, March 12 the terriers and hounds were showcased and judged. Saturday March 13 is going to be the day for the Toy and Utility breeds. and the last day - Sunday March 14 will be the turn for the Gundog breeds and finally for the best of show dog. Spanning back to the last year's documentation, there were around 160,000 human spectators and 28,000 contestants (dogs from across the planet) participated in the 2009 Cruft Dog Show. A Similar figure is expected in the year 2010 too!

Note... Show opens at 8.15am each day and Show closes at 19.30pm each day

Held at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre, UK, the Cruft Dog Show 2010 is featuring 180 dog breeds to compete for the ultimate "Best in Show" honour on the Sunday, March 14th - the last day of Cruft Show 2010. Having billed itself to be the world's greatest dog show, the Cruft Dog Show is arguably the most popular and watched out dog show not only in Britain but in many corners of the world. Each year canine enthusiasts from around 31 countries attend with their beloved pooches to compete for the title of top dog of the Cruft. The year 2010 is of no exception. Dog lovers from all parts of the world had expressed their annoyance as BBC withdrew from broadcasting the Crufts in the year 2009.

Here's a rapid eyewash on the breed winners in the Cruft Dog Shows during the last 12 years...

  • Cruft Show 2009 – Sealyham Terrier, Efbe's Hidalgo At Goodspice. Group: Terrier
  • Cruft Show 2008 – Giant Schnauzer, Jafrak Philippe Olivier. Group: Working Dogs
  • Cruft Show 2007 – Tibetan Terrier, Araki Fabulous Willy. Group: Utility
  • Cruft Show 2006 – Australian Shepherd, Caitland Isle Take A Chance. Group: Pastoral
  • Cruft Show 2005 – Norfolk Terrier, Cracknor Cause Celebre. Group: Terrier
  • Cruft Show 2004 – Whippet, Cobyco Call The Tune. Group: Hound
  • Cruft Show 2003 – Pekingese, Yankee A Dangerous Liaison. Group: Toy Dogs
  • Cruft Show 2002 – Poodle (Standard), Topscore Contradiction. Group: Utility
  • Cruft Show 2001 – Basenji, Jethard Cidevant. Group: Hound
  • Cruft Show 2000 – Kerry Blue Terrier, Torum's Scarf Michael. Group: Terrier
  • Cruft Show 1999 – Irish Setter, Caspians Intrepid. Group: Gundog
  • Cruft Show 1998 – Welsh Terrier, Saredon Forever Young. Group: Terrier
Stay tuned... up next the result of Cruft Dog Show, 2010. Till then you can check out some most visited older posts...

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