Friday, August 28, 2009

Gift Baskets For Dogs and Dog Lovers

This post of mine is for those dog lovers who celebrate the birthday of their pooches in a big way, which most dog lovers don't do! Even I do not celebrate my dog's birthday party in the way that most dog lover peeps around me do. I don't decorate the kennel with balloons and color strips, nor do I invite my dog lover club members in their birthdays. But yes, I usually don't miss out cooking them their favorite treats and buy them something on their special day.

I was just wondering what to buy for my Rex on his 5th birthday this year and was scrambling across the net when I dropped by a place that featured some really enticing items for pets. They have a wide range of pet gift products - specially for dogs and cats that would surely attract attention of any pet lovers. The featured dog gifts are quite special and what's more special about them is that the price range for each gifts are affordable. The pet lovers gift baskets are really quite lucrative and I am sure any of these baskets can be an awesome gift to your pet lover pall!

I personally liked the Call of the Wild Dog gift and Bark Vineyards Gift For Dogs and Cats! Most interesting fact about the vineyard gift is that they are non-alcoholic and do not require the licker license.

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