Monday, July 20, 2009

Responsible Dog Ownership And Canine Health Talk

When we talk about responsible dog ownership we think of canine health. Love is blind! And most novice owners tend to bring harm to their dogs by giving them things that are really dangerous. Don't let your love for your pooches become a threat for them. I have come across some really great articles in k9 Health Solutions. Many owners give their dogs Easter Candies and Chocolates without knowing the potential dangers of Easter Candies. Make yourself aware of common household things that are poison to your dogs. k9 Health Solution have also come up with great info regarding dog maintenance.

Most dog owners, do not care about their dogs' dental health. Doggie Dental Health is what every dog owner must consider quite seriously. Dogs starts of their lives with 28 teeth, and at around 4 - 6 months of age the milk teeth are replaced by 42 permanent teeth. Bad breath, inflated gum, cracks in teeth etc are the indications of fragile dental health. Administering of sufficient Calcium strengthen the teeth, but regular brushing is essentially necessary for maintaining good dental health.Responsible Dog Ownership And Canine Health Talk

Regular walk and play off leash is again another important way to maintain the overall canine health. Good food, fresh water, sufficient play, and pure love will keep Rover happy, healthy and most active member of your pack! Swimming is great pleasure for dogs and the most effective way to put them on exercise. Although certain breeds like Shar Pei dislike water, yet still little bit of swimming is great for the health too.

Summer time is most dangerous time of the year for pets... especially large and giant dog breed. Responsible dog ownership also requires effective steps to Protect Your Dog From Summer Heat.

Last, but not the least, give them enough water to drink. Remember most dogs do not drink enough water. It's your responsibility to make them drink more water by the way of mixing with food, soup etc. The more they drink, better will it be for their health. It will help them flush off the body toxins and will keep them well hydrated and maintain good health.

Responsible Dog Owners must be aware of the fact that dogs can be well maintained with proper plans. With right kind of planning, and regular medication programs like de-worming, vaccinations, and other routine check up ensure good health and long life.

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