Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Calories Needed For Your Dog

Here's something that you might find really helpful. If you are a real dog lover and a responsible dog owner, I am sure you think a lot about your dog's nutrition. People tend to feed their dogs without understanding how much calorie they actually need. This way either they over feed or under feed their dogs. Check out the chart that depicts how much calorie do your dog actually need based on their age, weight and condition. Dogs with medical conditions BLOOD PRESSURE, or UNDER STRESS, or obese dogs or pregnancy may be on dieting according to the vet. The calorie requirement for such dogs may vary.


10 Lb

30 Lb

50 Lb

70 Lb

90 Lb

Puppi es(10 Lb, 33 Lb At Maturity)

90 cal.





Young Adult Active Dogs

436 cal.

993 cal.

1451 cal.

1876 cal.

2264 cal.

Inactive Dogs

296 cal.

674 cal.

989 cal.

1272 cal.

1540 cal.

Adult Active Dogs

404 cal.

922 cal.

1353 cal.

1740 cal.

2100 cal.

Pregnant Dogs

518 cal.

1274 cal.

1940 cal.

2570 cal.

3170 cal.

Older Active Dogs

327 cal.

745 cal.

1093 cal.

1407 cal.

1700 cal.

"Dieting" Dogs

270 cal.

580 cal.

880 cal.

1100 cal.

1250 cal.

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