Friday, November 14, 2008

A hunt For Obama Daughters' Hypoallergenic Dog Breed

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Barack Obama's winning of the presidential election has created a buzz in the dog world too. Immediately after he won the election, he expressed his love to have a dog for his beloved daughters. That was really a graet news for us, dog lovers. Personally, I feel more happy, the more I find dog lovers' population increasing!

A grand welcome to Obama to our world of dogs.

Dogs have always been a good company for almost all US presidents, and Obama doesn’t want to make any difference during his term too. But one certain barrier for one of his two daughters, ten-year-old Malia, in adopting a dog was the allergy, although she wanted a Goldendoodle - a mixed breed of Golden retriever and poodle. Malia is not alone. This has always been a case that stopped many dog lovers to become dog owners. Malia loves dog but she can't stay along with most of the furry breeds. Any breed that Obama would like to get for his daughters Melia and Sasha would have to be hypoallergenic. Let me not hide and seek... candidly speaking, no dog is actually hypoallergenic. Non-shading breeds would suit best for her.

Breeds like Chinese Crested Dog (not the Powderpuff version, but the Hairless one), Poodles, Bichon frise, Westies (West Highland White Terriers), Portuguese water dogs, Scottish terriers would be amongst the right picks for Melia. But before we dog lovers could suggest a breed for Melia, Peru offered the new US president a dog that is native to South America. It's a Peruvian Hairless Dog and his name is "EARS".Peruvian dog, obama dog, hypoallergenic dog for US president, US president dog, peruvian hairless dog, dog for obama daughter, barack obama daughter dogs No other breed could be better than what Peru has because this breed doesn't have a single hair to shed. Claudia Galvez, the head of the "Peru’s Friends of the Hairless Dog Association", said that Peruvian Hairless Dog is perfect for Obama and his family as it doesn’t have any hair to shed. According to Ms Galvez, Peruvian Hairless Dog doesn't cause any sort of allergies. She stated: "They do not cause any type of allergy and are very friendly and sweet. We want to give a male puppy to Obama’s daughters, so they get to experience all the joys of having a dog but without any allergies." She sent a letter to the US embassy in Lima (capital of Peru), asking if Mr. Obama would like to adopt ‘Ears’, the four-month-old toothless Peruvian Hairless pup, to be his First Dog.

Obama said, "Our preference is to get a shelter dog, though this might be a challenge, given that a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me."

Forget about the world crisis, forget about the troops in Iraq; we dog lovers are waiting anxiously to know what dog is Obama getting for his daughters Melia and Sasha? If I was in Obama's place I would have spared a bit of thought on Lilly - the lovable milky white boxer, who is also known as Obama Dog, who barked a lot to support Barack Obama on the 2008 presidential election. Please visit Lilly Site here

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