Sunday, October 28, 2007

Canine Breed -- Which Breed of Dog!!!

Well, I am sure that you are interested in dog world and canine breed -- otherwise you wouldn't have dropped by "Welcome Dog Lovers" (WDL). Often people ask me, which breed of dog should be the right choice for them. The answer is not as simple as "the one that fascinates you the most"!!! Not again a big deal either. All you need to understand the dog breeds. Here's a simple guide that may help you understand what a canine breed actually is.

What is a canine breed? Putting very precisely it's a specific breed of dog that have been bred to conform to a Kennel Club's pre-framed breed standard (a written blue print for the breed along with it's purpose). In the dog world three distinctive approaches have been combined to give an idea of a specific canine breed.

  • Ancestry: All the specimens descending from a particular origin (founder specimen/group) are designated as a specific breed.

  • Typology: Canine breeds are also distinguished by the type or physique of the dog. Canines have been categorised into five classes of breed -- toy breed, small, medium breed, large breed and giant breed.
  • Purpose: The canine breed are distinguished by their purpose and utility.

    While some breeds have been bred to be an ideal family companion and watchdog(such as the Keeshonden), the others are bred to herd sheep or to go for hunting with their hunter masters. There are working breed, sport breed, gun dogs, utility group, terrier group.

    Spare a serious thoughts before purchasing the dog. If you want a small breed that would make a great companion and would be good with kids, a Pomerenian will never be a right choice. Because poms are sometimes agressive with children. Beagles are better. On the other level, if you want to have a giant dog with appropriate degree of aggressiveness and highly intelligent, Bloodhound may be a better pick and not a Tosa. These are only a couple of examples.

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